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Synonyms for chimerical

Synonyms for chimerical

being or relating to or like a chimera

produced by a wildly fanciful imagination

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Moreover, I suggested that because of Fred's desire for a "reputation for probity," there is something chimerical about his happiness, since the appearance of a good reputation depends on his ability to maintain a lie, a lie that is likely to be difficult to maintain in the face of his treachery and dishonesty.
Not surprisingly, the Millennium Campaign adopted the new IPL, which allowed it to claim yet further chimerical gains.
Getting Lost" is JaTawny's first book to be published by Chimerical Art Books.
Faced with such a prospect, we should not be pursuing a chimerical alliance with Iran.
I still do not understand the role played by these chimerical organs in the appreciation of art.
The extreme chimerical events are phenomena with very scarce frequency but high degree of intensity.
The intractable issues of post-colonial Africa have frustrated diplomats and development agencies for decades, and the vague and chimerical suggestions of the authors--that a troubled African nation should simply "get its own house in order," for example--are not policy prescriptions likely to cut the Gordian Knot of Africa's manifold governance problems.
The glittering lights of chimerical islands with such names as avant-garde theater, film noir, rock n' roll, and open marriage may have captivated single people for a period of time, but they were soon adrift again to find the next thrill.
Following the introduction, Vaughn's chapter on "Africa, Transnationalism, and Globalization," points out the chimerical notion of African nationhood, since "the nation, with its arbitrary colonial origins, was largely invented by 'nationalist' modernizers with tenuous connection to the masses.
It pivots between creation and destruction, the past and the present, and the uneasy chimerical points where they collide.
Reeling, Hanne seeks out the inspiration for the author's novel - a tortured, chimerical actor, once a master in the art of Noh theater.
In addition, Kim Jon-un forcefully mobilized his people to participate in the construction project and his chimerical comment that "a skiing wave will hit the country and North Koreans will become happy by skiing at the Masik Pass Ski Park" has resulted in resentment of the people toward him, the publication added.
This is a far more realistic goal than chimerical demands that India and Pakistan disarm and sign the NPT as non-nuclear weapons states," he said.
Thus, although a true synaptome of the mammalian brain is a chimerical quest, it is possible that in the near future we will be able to construct a "silicon cortex", a computerised machine based on a realistic model of the complete anatomical, physiological and molecular design of the cortical circuit.