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Synonyms for chime

Synonyms for chime

to give forth or cause to give forth a clear, resonant sound

to be compatible or in correspondence

chime in: to interject remarks or questions into another's discourse

Synonyms for chime

a percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned bells that are struck with a hammer

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Certainly, our clock had chimed in our living room in unison with Big Ben for as long as I could remember, "ding dong ding dong" on the quarter, the same chimes doubled on the half and trebled on the three quarters with the Full Monty on the hour, when as a boy the only thing that surprised me was that we didn't all stand up in unison and sing the National Anthem.
The clock has chimed every 15 minutes for more than 100 years in the village of Wherwell, Hants.
AN HISTORIC clocktower which has chimed every 15 minutes for more than 140 years could be silenced - because of one complaint.
SWEET-toothed Status Quo rocker Francis Rossi has chimed in with his backing for our ice cream van campaign.
2 : to call or indicate by chiming <The clock chimed midnight.