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Synonyms for chill

Synonyms for chill

relative lack of physical warmth

marked by a low temperature

Synonyms for chill

coldness due to a cold environment

an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

a sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever


Related Words

a sudden numbing dread

make cool or cooler

loose heat

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Chillingly read by Richard Ferrone, The Good Guy is an audiobook to keep the listener on the edge of their seat to the very end.
Chillingly Miss Bell's final moments were caught on a security tape at the salon where she worked in Newcastle city centre.
The 25-year-old soloist can morph from a sweetly innocent peasant girl in Martins' Songs of the Auvergne, to an undulating siren as Coffee in The Nutcracker, and turn chillingly menacing as the predatory Queen in Robbins' The Cage.
With the bombardment, Beirut became chillingly silent by day.
However, even if Hwang's research results had been genuine, there is still the more important moral issue that his cheerleaders in the scientific community have chosen to ignore: cloning human embryos for the expressed purpose of destroying them in order to harvest their stem cells is a chillingly abhorrent and immoral act.
Roth goes back to 1940 and creates a chillingly believable novel (it can happen here) based on Roosevelt's failure to win a third term; instead, Charles Lindbergh, a known isolationist and anti-Semite, is elected President.
Kessler's understanding of photography as a kind of touch is chillingly rendered in One Hour Photo, in which a sequence of postcards depicting the World Trade Center towers revolves on a vertical conveyor belt so that at the bottom of its cycle each card brushes against a small stationary camera.
Once his ghoulish thirst had been slaked, he chillingly announced: ``Now you are in my veins and this is for life.
Rather chillingly, one of the inquiry board members said: "Nasa had conflicting goals of cost, schedule and safety.
The implications of the above ought to be chillingly obvious.
His low voice worked chillingly well on quirky Mad Brilliant, their album's title track.
The events were chillingly similar to the death of two other transgendered young people: In January 1994, Brandon Teena was attacked and killed after it was revealed at a party that he was a biological female, and in June 2001, Fred C.
She chronicles the stories of professors whose careers and whose very lives have been devastated by charges that are either chillingly trivial (a writing instructor fired for allowing a student-initiated discussion of sexual topics) or fantastic (multiple rapes which somehow didn't keep the victim from signing up for an elective course with the rapist).
In a more serious vein, Godsey chillingly relates the terrible days of the communist takeover of Hungary.
3 FINAL CUT Chillingly classy subtitled horror flick