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Synonyms for chilliness

relative lack of physical warmth

Synonyms for chilliness

the property of being moderately cold

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Despite the mutual chilliness between US and North Korean officials in South Korea last week, behind the scenes real progress was made toward a new diplomatic opening that could result in direct talks without preconditions between Washington and Pyongyang.
Early morning joggers and office goers felt the chilliness in the air as winter continues in the country.
To take a typical example, I'm cold directly reports my feeling of chilliness but it can indirectly imply anything from "Close the window behind you" to "Do something about it, I don't care what" to "Although I know you can't do anything to change this state of affairs, please say something sympathetic or encouraging.
The rush of buyers was increased in sweaters shops and landa bazaars where shopkeepers have also increased prices owing to increase in chilliness in the provincial capital.
The event and the journal soon earned write-ups in the New York Times, Politico, and, with predictable chilliness, The Nation.
Time felt it was among the festival's best films : "The picture is made with a seeming chilliness that's actually a kind of anguished warmth.
Rowe's decision to create an aesthetic distance from his characters lends the film--a Canadian-Australian co-production --a chilliness that aligns with its title and its snowy Canadian setting.
Arsenicum album: There is anxiety with loose stool, chilliness, the patient needs a lot of attention and encouragement; there may be nausea with loose stools.
Artificial Intelligence (2001) Picking up where the late Stanley Kubrick left off, Spielberg tried to graft his innate sense of warmth and humanity to Kubrick's remote chilliness for this story of a boy robot left to fend for himself in a mechanical underworld.
We can't help but think of the unrealized possibilities of artistic collaboration between Hawthorne and Longfellow and also with Melville (the Agatha story), or of the chilliness of Hawthorne's relations with Emerson.
Despite its niggling sense of selfaware chilliness, there is something intriguing and fascinating about director Anton Corbijn'story of the friendship between up-and-coming star James Dean (DeHaan) and photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson).
In the "courtyard," filament-bulb chandeliers made by Norm's co-founders hang above potted firs, giving the impression and openness of the outdoors--without the requisite chilliness.
The chilliness of the snow scene is conveyed through the use of cool colors (pale blue and green hues) for the trees, mountains, and river, and sparing use of earthy warm colors (various shades of brown) for tree trunks, branches, wooden panels of the bridge, and houses and parts of the barren mountain rocks.
Plenty of SIDS deaths occur in winter when babies are dressed too warmly, and the same could occur during heat waves when houses may be air-conditioned to the point of chilliness, he says.
My teeth chatter as I speak, yet it is not with the chilliness of the night--of the night without end.