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Synonyms for chilliness

relative lack of physical warmth

Synonyms for chilliness

the property of being moderately cold

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Of course, even today gays employed in some segments of the federal public service face uncomfortable work environments, but such chilliness is worlds away from the real risks of firing or demotion formerly faced by a much broader cross-section of gay men and women employed by the federal government.
This occurred almost immediately after, after I stepped outside onto the gallery, into the sunshine, the coolish remnants of it, winter day, a pellucidity in the air that was rainswept and fresh, a chilliness unlike anything you would think of, a displacement that promised in these environs not desolation or an icy, lonely death but rejuvenation, alertness, a fresh awareness--how to put it, I thought, leaning over the rail, looking at the far bank that was tousled with reeds and beyond the bank through the sawgrass and the little hammocks of pines and palms to the swamp, where the old life, unable to resist the encroach of progress, went on as if it didn't matter--how to say it was far too possible--probable--to see too much to get the facts straight.
All at once, the costumes envelope the dancers and conjure the cozy chilliness of winter or the fresh arrival of spring.
Research by Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre has found a hot drink of fruit cordial can help reduce runny nose, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness.
According to Li Yuansheng, the team leader, all the 28 members had passed a series of strict assessment on physics, psychology and high plateau acclimatization, and "they will overcome chilliness and hypoxia to finish building the new station.
The latest research by Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre has found hot fruit cordials can relieve symptoms including a runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness.
As seen in this latitude, the patient has either chilliness or a distinct rigor in the beginning.
Posited in this concept is the notion that although educator behaviors, learner behaviors, and additional factors inside and outside the classroom can all contribute to creating the education climate, there can be different perceptions by learners about the warmth or chilliness of this climate.
This is a special problem if you live alone because there is no one else to comment on the chilliness of the house or to notice if you are having symptoms of hypothermia.
Only Picasso could have painted it, to be sure, but we are free to read her pursed lips, her rigid body, her austere beauty and note the unintimate relationship, the chilliness, between them.
Hu was calling for a change in relations between the two countries, which have been described as being ''politically cold but economically hot'' in recent years, due to the deep and active economic links between the two countries and chilliness on the political front.
Camphora: Camphor in the remedy form is used in influenza where there is extreme chilliness but the person wants to be uncovered.
It begins with chilliness and lassitude, pains in the bones and head, and a disordered stomach--restlessness all night long, and too often the patient becomes delirious.
Taniguchi's design--a mixture of gigantism and chilliness masquerading as elegance-reinforces this tenuousness.
To have understood, for instance, how flattering and comforting Synge's message of gratitude and indebtedness would have been to Lady Gregory, Mrs Wreidt would have needed significant access to Yeats's private witness to the general chilliness and occasional hostility which characterized his Co-Directors' relationship.