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ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans

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One of the most important aspects of growing chillies is getting the watering right - they are very thirsty plants.
Chillies have been shown to influence glucose levels, which also impact on diabetes.
The outstanding features of PMEX Red Chilli futures contracts coprises of compulsory delivery, quality certification of red chillies and availability of multiple grades of red chillies for trading.
Even more interesting is the fact that chillies are not native to Bhutan.
Pour in the coffee and add the soaked chillies, ensuring the beef is well covered.
Gondal market yard in charge, Mahesh Vadodaria said production of chillies would be less due to scanty rainfall and drought.
For someone who constantly challenges his taste buds and constitution, the opportunity to test myself against some of these international chillies, not to mention other chilli lovers from around the country, is too much to resist.
Today, the most sharp and valued varieties of chillies are grown in Asia only.
That's about 40 per cent hotter than ghost chillies.
The brewery, based in Moelfre near Abergele, has been producing the fiery tipple for three years and John Wood, who runs it uses his own homegrown chillies.
You'll also see the words chilies and chillies used as a plural in reference to the ``chili'' or ``chilli'' pepper.
To celebrate the launch of the Dragon Chillies, the Dragon Chillies Farm will be challenging individuals at the show to a chilli eating competition.
Dan, 38, who runs his firm Trees Can't Dance, near Hexham, is the northern-most chilli producer in the world, growing more than 60 different types of chillies.
In Scotland we are still a bit timid when it comes to using chillies but there is a lot to find out.