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excitation that makes your hair stand up or that chills your bones


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Turbomiser is equipped with integral inverter drives, enabling very fine incremental adjustments to be made to precisely match chiller output to cooling load.
India, March 16 -- The Trane plant in Charmes, France has bagged the Eurovent qualification for the testing of air cooled chillers greater than 600 kW.
Carrier Corp has been awarded a chiller purchasing contract by the Dalian Wanda Group, a real estate enterprise in China.
Refer to attached schematic showing WASTE HEAT RECOVERY Using BROAD Heat Recovery Chiller.
LG Electronics, the world's leading innovator of air conditioners, and its sole distributor in Saudi Arabia HG Ibrahim Shaker Co, have announced the launch of a new line of chillers in the regional market targeting central air-conditioning facilities of large spaces.
Dan Mizesko, USCS Managing Partner stated: "Being recognized last year within the industry as the best of the best was very rewarding, however winning this prestigious award two years in a row is extremely gratifying and a confirmation of our position as the industry leader in chiller services and solutions.
A breakthrough in low energy, environmentally-friendly cooling, Micro Powercool chillers are designed by Rhoss to provide the best EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance in their range.
At any given time, the building load can be met by running the chiller or by depleting the storage or by a combination of the two.
At low building loads, a high-efficiency variable speed centrifugal chiller can actually provide more cooling per dollar than an absorber using almost free waste heat (high-temperature water, not steam).
Combined with precise control of the water temperature leaving the evaporator and an optimised cooling circuit, these features allow the TECS chiller to achieve 40% higher efficiency (at part load) and 10% higher efficiency (at full load) when compared to chillers with scroll or screw compressors.
Put some "chill" in the water with the help of a small mobile water chiller that comes with NSN 4130-01-315-7583.
A chiller provides consistent coolant temperature, uniform coolant quality, predictable flow rate, and ease of installation.
There are a variety of chiller types and options available for any application.
The Chiller hurtles from 0 to 113 km/h (0-70 mph) in four seconds as we streak right toward the vertical rise.
The quality of these "bootleg" CFCs can actually ruin a chiller system, says Jim Lovelace, Sid Harvey's Product Manager.