chill out

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become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation

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Moby, perhaps the biggest name in Chill Out and electronica, contributes "Rushing," from his monumental double platinum 1999 album "Play.
American Greetings recently introduced its Chill Outs collection, a lively line of birthday greetings featuring fun-themed refrigerators that open up to reveal "deliciously adorable" characters singing and dancing to light-hearted music adorned with sweet, whimsical birthday salutations and images.
CLEVELAND -- American Greetings has launched its Chill Outs collection of birthday cards designed to look like refrigerators that open up to reveal characters singing and dancing to original music.
This fall, the Cleveland-based company will debut Chill Outs, a collection of refrigerator-themed cards that open to reveal characters singing and dancing to original music; Hyper Pop-ups, a collection featuring high-quality audio, synchronized lights and small animatronics with the power to produce motion, vibration and other sensory effects; and Remote Control Wishes, which include a character that can be detached and activated by remote to shake and "sing.
It's also about socializing, meeting new people, meeting authors, and perhaps learning new things, while attending discussions and other events," says Blichova," We have a nice 'off' program--with chill outs, parties with international music, brunches, filmmaker conversations.