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a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)

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Without doubt the chiliast enthusiasm which swept the radical sectors of Hussitism had strong appeal.
Nonetheless, it was doomed by its early chiliast orientation.
18) For the chiliast influence within radical Hussite communities see Howard Kaminsky, "Chiliasm and the Hussite Revolution," Church History, 26 (March 1957), pp.
19-36 surveys the chiliast dimension of the Hussite movement.
He lumps them together with a whole host of "abusers of the Scriptures" who flourished in England in the late 1640s and early 50s: Anabaptists, Seekers, separatists, chiliasts, even "Jews and Papists.
But even chiliasts feel the sting of Marcion's searching, anti-Jewish criticism.
54: 11-12) into its vision of the eternal Jerusalem which descends from heaven after the millennium (21: 18) magnifies in significance in the light of the millennialist interpretation of these Isaianic verses by Christian chiliasts of the late second and early third centuries.
And where did the early chiliasts get this approach?
The world-week schema utilized by Hippolytus was not the sole property of chiliasts, as its use by Cyprian and even Origen shows.