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relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness


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Leon and his followers were freshly removed from an environment of chiliastic fervor, in which they had been deeply immersed.
What the above-cited conventional narrative of Sunbadh's revolt neglects is the profoundly chiliastic ideology that animated Sunbadh's actions--an ideology that undoubtedly contributed to its sweeping, albeit quite brief, success.
Islamic fundamentalism becomes, in this context, a synonym for chiliastic fanaticism.
Still, the teleological narrative of history, the special destiny which elevates one country over others may easily mix purely secular aspects such as military power and wealth with chiliastic overtones implying a universal moral salvation and redemption by the fulfilment of the nation's calling.
It has Jews from Eastern Europe raised amidst ethnic hatreds and pushed by settlers foaming with chiliastic claims.
They found Looking Backward irresponsible for its utopian elan and chiliastic fervor and lamented the "backwardness" of American socialism, which they attributed to inadequate organization.
Like most messianic convulsions in Chinese history, the drive toward a fiery, apocalyptic Christianity in modern China was largely induced by political, national, and environmental crises, and by momentous social change along with overwhelming personal distress; it has also brought forth a religious response on a matching chiliastic scale.
Their kingdom, in any event, was not the Here and Now, but the Tomorrow and Someplace, the very distant Tomorrow of the Christian, glowing in chiliastic light, or the utopian-worldly Tomorrow of the Marxists, The grip of the horror reality was weaker where from the start reality had been placed in the framework of an unalterable idea.
of the Revolution, the chiliastic dream that the struggle at the
Yet this chiliastic theology is only a small part of the reason that Jews will likely remain wary of the Christian right.
For example, in the context of Marxism and Bolshevism, Andrzej Walicld discussed how "totalitarian ideology is not merely a secularized religion; it is a secularized form of chiliastic religiosity.
Despite the presence of passions, zeal, and chiliastic impulses, the radical mind true to itself beacons a new human port across three centuries, from Spinoza to the recent revival of democracy in Eastern Europe.
And it is a reminder of the giants one was trying to slay that Norman Cohn's book on medieval mystics and millenarians suggested that Marx's ideas were deeply chiliastic, while Mao's politics were sometimes termed "cargo cult marxism.
30) Jung-Stilling's vision had encouraged German chiliastic Separatists to migrate to the Caucasus from Wurttemburg beginning in 1816; using the same texts, the Molokans continued this migration and even interpreted their forced exile as part of God's divine plan.
In fairness, if in fact they are basing their optimism on this chiliastic idea, then one better understands the degree to which the members of the task force came to believe that genocide, far from being "A Problem From Hell," as Samantha Power titled her influential book on the subject, in reality is a problem if not easily solved then at least susceptible to solution--though, again, only if all the international actors, by whom the authors mean the great powers, the UN system, countries in a region where there is a risk of a genocide occurring, and what they rather uncritically call civil society, make it a priority.