chili sauce

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tomatoes and onions and peppers (sweet or hot) simmered with vinegar and sugar and various seasonings

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19 May 2015 - US-based bottled food products maker Allied Old English has acquired Homade Brand Chili Sauce from Ventura Foods, the company said.
Available in original and mild varieties, RO*TEL Zesty Tomato & Green Chili Sauce is the perfect way to add spicy flavor to Tex/Mex recipes, such as chili and enchiladas, say officials with Omaha, Neb.
They had eaten Castleberry's Austex Hot Dog Chili Sauce Original for lunch on June 28.
Two children in Texas and an Indiana couple became seriously ill and have been hospitalized with botulism poisoning after eating Castleberry's Hot Dog Chili Sauce.
Stir mushrooms, leeks, ginger, rice wine, chili sauce and pepper into pork mixture, mixing well.
Spoon some red chili sauce and tomato and corn salsa around the dish and garnish with scallions.
Available in two varieties, original and mild, RO*TEL Zesty Tomato & Green Chili Sauce is the perfect way to add spicy flavor to Tex/Mex recipes such as chili and enchiladas.
A spin-off of the delectable XO Sauce, Bonami's Chili sauce has chili, garlic, fresh scallops and shrimps as main ingredients.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday issued a warning to consumers not to eat certain cans of a hot dog chili sauce under several brands including Kroger's private label, due to a risk of botulism poisoning.
Combine preserves, chili sauce, horseradish and mustard.
Crusty, yard-long banana leaf bundles filled with chicken, chili sauce, and masa bake slowly in an adobe oven, emerging as a cross between a steamed tamale and a tamale pie.
Austex Onion Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 10 oz can (UPC 3030097101)
We could have made an entire meal of the dim sum appetizers, notably the shrimp and scallop dumplings with lemon grass chili sauce and the plump lobster pot stickers with chili soy sauce.
Condiments of garlic oil and a chili sauce enliven the soup.