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ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans

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That daily temperature swing, he says, produces the best flavors and makes Pueblo chiles thicker and meatier.
En este trabajo se presenta la recopilacion e interpretacion de datos sobre la actividad de los volcanes Chiles (0[grados]49' N, 77[grados]56' W, 4.
Chiles, 48, was only six months into his two-year deal.
Although both parties have signed a confidentiality agreement, Chiles and ITV are said to be happy with his payoff, which took nearly two months of tough talking by lawyers.
Buy chiles at well-stocked grocery stores and Latino markets.
It was another example of how Chiles fitted uncomfortably in the role of ITV's lead football anchor.
A legal wrangle is thought to be ongoing because the decision for Chiles to leave comes halfway through his two-year contract worth PS1million.
The move marks an unwanted hattrick for Chiles, who was dropped from ITV's doomed breakfast show Daybreak, along with Christine Bleakley, in 2011.
Chiles was the subject of a Facebook campaign to have him removed from ITV's football coverage after last year's World Cup, and last summer it was announced he was being given a much bigger role on BBC Radio Five Live as a presenter.
Chiles (who, irrelevantly but quite interestingly, is looking increasingly like Bungle out of Rainbow these days) clearly believes his primary role is to put himself in the shoes of the average viewer, which seems laudable enough but simply doesn't work.
Chiles added: "I'm trying to get building work done at the moment, quite seriously.
Chiles, 45, told the Radio Times that they jumped into a "fast-flowing river" in the town, in just their swimming trunks.
TV football presenter and Baggies fan Adrian Chiles has been romantically linked with comedy actress Catherine Tate.
London, Jan 22 ( ANI ): Adrian Chiles took his new girlfriend to watch his beloved team West Bromwich Albion play against Stoke City at the picturesque Britannia Stadium.
BRUMMIE presenter Adrian Chiles and co-host Christine Bleakley have finally been axed from ITV breakfast show Daybreak after months of dreadful ratings.