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make safe against children


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Do not leave things to chance--BYOCG (bring your own childproofing goods).
Mike Bost, vice president of Palmetto Childproofing, represented his company at the event.
Additionally, there are numerous childproofing products for different areas of the house like bath handles, toilet locks and bath mats for bathrooms; oven door guards and locks, hob guards for kitchens; cushioned corners, edge guards, plant safety covers for the living area; bed guards and finger pinch guards.
Most studies that have examined the association between safety precautions (for example, proper seat belt and car seat use, childproofing the home) and children's health focused on understanding the impact on child injuries.
Removing all forms of temptation from children's eye line is a bit like childproofing your house.
I urge parents to include securing TVs, furniture and appliances in their childproofing efforts.
Chapters cover the new infant, building self- esteem, toddler tips, nutrition, language development, and childproofing the home.
Consumer Reports Guide to Childproofing & Safety
Our daughter has long since mastered the childproofing gadgets anyway, looking at me with a devilish glint in her eye while expertly cracking the safety lock on the bathroom cabinet.
For example, the New England Journal of Medicine trumpeted, among other things, "Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed favored legislation requiring childproofing [guns]" and "71 percent of those surveyed favored a law requiring personalization.
Sad to say, I have had to treat many severe accidents as a pediatrician and almost all could have been avoided by properly childproofing the house.
Second, understand that childproofing can never be 100 percent effective.
Canada, Australia and New Zealand also insist on childproofing.
The Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) released two free educational resources as part of its national Childproofing for Environmental Health Campaign launched fall 2005.
Offering plain-terms warnings of numerous hazards to infants and children, and the basics of childproofing one's home and car, chapters cover how to place one's baby to sleep (always rest infants on their back, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome), car seats made simple, common choking/poison/water/window hazards young children face, and much more.