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make safe against children


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Some hotels offer permanently childproofed rooms, and others will perform this service ahead of time if requested.
DEAR ANONYMOUS: Notify them in advance that you have childproofed your home but cannot accommodate their more exotic requests.
A child was considered to be using car seats regularly when she or he was reported to be riding in a car at least once a month and sitting in a car seat or wearing a seat belt "all or most of the time." A seven-item questionnaire that asked whether respondents ever engaged in activities to childproof their home (for example, put up gates or barriers, installed locks or safety latches, kept syrup of pecac) was used to assess whether respondents childproofed their homes.
Children's regular car seat use increased their odds of being in excellent health by 80 percent, and living in a childproofed home increased their odds of being in excellent health by 130 percent.
In many cases, mom and dad have childproofed their home thoroughly--they just do not realize fully the dangers that extra seasonal decor can pose until after an accident has occurred.