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Synonyms for childlike

Synonyms for childlike

of or like a baby

Synonyms for childlike

befitting a young child


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exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

References in classic literature ?
at this childlike unrestrained ardor: he was not surprised (what lover would have been?
It was this which made Dorothea so childlike, and, according to some judges, so stupid, with all her reputed cleverness; as, for example, in the present case of throwing herself, metaphorically speaking, at Mr.
The Boys in Green can celebrate like no other nation, always peaceful, always sympathetic and emphatic, with an infectious, childlike joy.
Derived from the French word for "gluing," this childlike practice appeals to artists' magpie instinct -- a distant, more primordial.
The comic actor fears his portrayal of the childlike character is "a little sad" now he's 57.
He told the Nottingham Post: "It's not only the judges that all get furious when the Home Secretary makes a parody of a court judgment, our commission who are helping us form our view on this are not going to be entertained by laughable, childlike examples being given.
A study across all the stores revealed that of the 5,666 clothing items, 69 pc had only childlike characteristics.
Childlike wonder spills over in "Birds," an ode to the beauty and mystery of winged creatures of all sorts.
Mr Fennelly said: "The focus has been to recreate Liverpool and all the new buildings that have come up "I always use bright primary colours to give a childlike quality.
The quest for the childlike in seventeenth-century Chinese fiction; fantasy, naivety, and folly.
How will the young patrons react to the sight of grown women in childlike frocks and pigtails?
Pinkney's childlike curiosity and commitment to cultural themes has won him many accolades over the years, including several Coretta Scott King Awards for his inspirational and educational contributions in the field of publishing.
A new generation of adults is shunning grown-up behaviour in favour of childlike hobbies such as playing games and collecting toys, according to new research.
The star speaks of how the crash caused a brain injury which saw him regress to a childlike state and left him in excruciating pain.
Much giddy mayhem ensues as a gaggle of childlike acrobats high-hop between two oversize trampoline four-poster beds.