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Synonyms for childlike

Synonyms for childlike

of or like a baby

Synonyms for childlike

befitting a young child


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exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

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But defence lawyers argued that Sharratt didn't believe the doll had childlike features in a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court.
Mr Blasbery said officers also found other sex dolls "which were childlike in appearance", however Sharratt was not charged with importing these.
Its tools and exercises will help Christians more fully embrace God by diving into childlike wonder.
As Jesus surrendered to the will of the Father, we surrender ourselves to Him, with childlike simplicity and trust, guided by the example of Mary and Joseph.
In the beginning, Gretel is the boss and Hansel is more childlike and playful, but as the story progresses, they realize they need each other to go through this and live well," Vigier said.
Lynch of Word from a Childlike Heart on Facebook and Twitter.
Intriguingly, furthermore, Carter's books share both their moveability and their abstraction with the mobiles made by Alexander Calder, the US artist whose work for audiences of all ages is also frequently identified as possessing childlike qualities.
Chappie is a futuristic thriller, which hardwires the heavyarmoured brutality of RoboCop with the childlike wonder of Short Circuit.
Chappie is a futuristic thriller, which hardwires the heavy-armoured brutality of RoboCop with the childlike wonder of Short Circuit.
Kohan explores the relationship between childhood, education, and philosophy pivoting on the notion of a childlike education.
It's clever and laugh-out-loud funny, perhaps more so for adults than it is for children, with beautiful childlike illustrations by Oliver Jeffers.
Derived from the French word for "gluing," this childlike practice appeals to artists' magpie instinct -- a distant, more primordial.
"She has a naughty, almost childlike sense of humour, but when it comes to her job there is no one else you would want."
"I think someone in their 50s being childlike becomes a little sad.
The comic actor fears his portrayal of the childlike character is "a little sad" now he's 57.