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the condition of being without offspring

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Vidad's (2009) is the only known study to examine mental health professionals' perceptions of childlessness.
Keywords: De Pierrepont, Levy, Voluntary Childlessness, Online Discussion Forum, Motivations, Transmission, Children
A younger age at the birth of her first child reduces a woman's risk of developing cancer of the breast as do further full term pregnancies and longer breastfeeding of each of her infants, But childlessness, as long ago observed in nuns, is conducive to development of breast cancer.
Secondly, her childlessness marginalizes her in the worst way.
There is a terrible price to be paid for childlessness," tutted one female researcher from a Tory-leaning think tank.
s reflections on conception focus especially on childlessness, arguing that Christian faith accepts neither the notion of the "tragedy of childlessness" nor the proposition that having one's own biological child is the answer to that tragedy.
The work of Barbara Hepworth, who juggled raising four children with her artistic career, is appraised while Lionel Shriver delivers an essay on the joys of childlessness.
The agreement forged the right of the individual to use -- or not to use -- contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy, as well as the right to access information and services to prevent unwanted childlessness.
The deep- rooted stigma associated with childlessness makes some clinics go all out, even if it means flouting ICMR guidelines on ART, with some of them surviving on outdated equipment and lack of skilled doctors.
Just as motherhood is not necessarily a chosen role and does not always equate to fulfillment, infertility and childlessness are often not chosen but they do not preclude fulfillment.
We think of its berries as being poisonous now, but added to drinks they were once used to treat childlessness, and sometimes as a general cure-all.
Whereas in the past childlessness could create a lifetime of sadness for some couples, IVF and other fertility treatments enabled them to become families.
Alistair added: "I long ago accepted my childlessness.
Infertility and childlessness is an increasing issue worldwide.
Valuing biological parenthood over other forms and the shame over childlessness is worldwide and can be pernicious.