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Synonyms for childless

unable to produce offspring

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without offspring

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Dissatisfaction seated musingly on a childless hearth, thinks with envy of the father whose return is greeted by young voices--seated at the meal where the little heads rise one above another like nursery plants, it sees a black care hovering behind every one of them, and thinks the impulses by which men abandon freedom, and seek for ties, are surely nothing but a brief madness.
Her marriage to another man had been a childless marriage.
The woman professed to have made all manner of inquiries, but all in vain: so, being childless and a widow, she adopted him herself.
But he lived with his wife on such terms that their affectionate childless home life was the admiration of everyone, and arranged his wife's life so that she did nothing and could do nothing but share her husband's efforts that her time should pass as happily and as agreeably as possible.
Childless thou art, Childless remaine: So Death shall be deceav'd his glut, and with us two Be forc'd to satisfie his Rav'nous Maw.
I am this day childless, and will ye deprive me of the means of livelihood?
Thou wilt have the less to provide for, Jew, if thou art childless,'' said Aymer.
After three months Freshitt had become rather oppressive: to sit like a model for Saint Catherine looking rapturously at Celia's baby would not do for many hours in the day, and to remain in that momentous babe's presence with persistent disregard was a course that could not have been tolerated in a childless sister.
When hadn't the town been full of these widowed, elderly women made childless alike by life and by death?
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 19 (ANI-BusinessWire): Merck Foundation, a non-profit organization and a subsidiary of Merck KGaA Germany, and Uganda Ministry of Health continue their commitment towards childless women Through 'Merck More Than a Mother' campaign in the heart of Africa.
Summary: Compared to childless couples, couples with children more likely to report conflicts with their own parents
STATES THAT EXPANDED Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act experienced a significant drop in uninsurance among childless low-income adults, the Urban Institute reported in April.
She points out that childless and single women often get read as being too "career-minded," when in fact careers might not be the thing that such women sacrificed motherhood for.
If you've chosen not to embrace that gift and be childless, that's your choice.
This population includes childless adults predicted to have high rates of mental illness, especially among the homeless.