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Synonyms for childishness

a property characteristic of a child


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There was a still greater obstacle in Oliver's youth and childishness. He only cried bitterly all day; and, when the long, dismal night came on, spread his little hands before his eyes to shut out the darkness, and crouching in the corner, tried to sleep: ever and anon waking with a start and tremble, and drawing himself closer and closer to the wall, as if to feel even its cold hard surface were a protection in the gloom and loneliness which surrounded him.
The report further stated that the judge told them to go and settle their differences amicably, reportedly, because they are only seeking divorce due to childishness.
I tried to stay patient with the childishness. I've got to stand up to it eventually."
She is interested in the ambiguity of the world - devotion juxtaposed next to perversity, childishness to maturity, morality to licentiousness, truth to falsity, or beauty next to kitsch.
class="MsoNormalWhat if she was tired with the childishness of men her age and she found a solid man in this older man?
He then followed it by a series of tweets displaying childishness as he always does.
So I had big hopes for Keith Lemon: Coming In America - in which he tries to break it big in The States - despite the predictable 'fnarr fnarr'-style childishness of the show's title.
The charming childishness of Christopher Robin is marked by clumsily spelt locations, such as "NICE FOR PICNICKS" and "100 AKER WOOD", as well as a compass marked with points spelling out the title character's name.
Trump is an experienced businessman with much vanity, childishness and hunger for the spotlight.
Yet the BJP's ministers, both at the centre and various states, continually utter similar childishness - that Issac Newton's law of gravity was discovered in India a thousand years ago, that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is fake because no one has ever seen a monkey morph into a man, or that the ancient gossip bag Narad Muni was actually Google.
Politicians take increasingly inflexible and extreme positions, leading to gridlock, partisan warfare, and the sense that our seats of government are nothing but cesspools of hypocrisy, childishness, and waste.
I used to think it was quite funny a year or two ago, with him and Eric Dier being Instagram mates and a bit of childishness.
Sickened by our MP's childishness. The referendum vote was a personal choice and nothing to do with party politics.