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Synonyms for childish

Synonyms for childish

of or characteristic of a child, especially in immaturity

Synonyms for childish

indicating a lack of maturity


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Gaunt says: "We will not be deliberately offensive by childishly swearing but no doubt some of our opinions will offend, however no one has the right not to be offended.
The childishly smutty discussions were endured by a Jeremy Kyle-style studio audience of 100 people.
Speaking to the media, Mr Hashmi advised Imran Khan not to act childishly as the judicial commission was "very significant "initiative.
One other childishly irresistible detail retained from the first series are all the wrongly captioned celebrity talkingheads.
When the existence of God does come up--for example, in arguments from science against creationism--the notion of God that is rejected is often one that is childishly naive.
Then she questioned Modi: "Why do you behave childishly if you are dreaming to become the prime minister of the country?
According to the Mirror, Swann, who is commentating for the BBC on the one-day team in the Caribbean, expressed his disappointment at the 'ugly exchange', adding that Pietersen reacted childishly to Prior's 'naive' comments, which the wicketkeeper believed in.
Quote: "I behave really very childishly and like a teenager.
At Bn Tao, diners sit by a wooden deck, pointing childishly at the delicate ripples left behind by the delightful water installation.
The Hangover - Part III Cert 15 THE Wolfpack return again for what is promised to be the last time in a weak and wandering tale of men behaving childishly.
In his giddy state McIntyre clambered over walls and into the gardens of homeowners, where he childishly jumped about the flower beds happily destroying plants and shrubbery.
They merely sit on their benches in the House like robots and mindlessly provide standing ovations to every word that drips from their leaders' tongues, while jeering childishly at anything emanating from the opposition parties, and eventually voting the way the party whips direct them to when these occasions arise.
It is childishly easy to dish up an artist's impression of a Shanghai skyline.
Then you shook your head in agreement and took my hands and childishly kissed my hands with your little lips.
We have an infantilised population; celebrities who are overpaid and childishly arrogant; a generation of illiterate children out of control; adolescents whose anti-social behaviour is now beyond the point of legislation; the influence of entertainers and satirists exceeding that of the lawmakers; and the denigration of public life.