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Synonyms for childish

Synonyms for childish

of or characteristic of a child, especially in immaturity

Synonyms for childish

indicating a lack of maturity


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The anguish in her little heart was not alone the anguish of physical pain; but that infinitely more pathetic anguish--of love denied a childish heart that yearns for love.
Dimly, in the back of her childish memory there lurked a blurred recollection of a gentle mother; but Meriem was not sure but that even this was but a dream picture induced by her own desire for the caresses she never received, but which she lavished upon the much loved Geeka.
With a great pang mercifully spared me, I could take back to my heart my childish prayer to be all he had so brightly shown himself; and there was nothing to be undone: no chain for me to break or for him to drag; and I could go, please God, my lowly way along the path of duty, and he could go his nobler way upon its broader road; and though we were apart upon the journey, I might aspire to meet him, unselfishly, innocently, better far than he had thought me when I found some favour in his eyes, at the journey's end.
Natasha did not like the visitor's tone of condescension to childish things.
Two childish voices laughed merrily at this action, and Dorothy was sure they were in no danger among such light-hearted folks, even if those folks couldn't be seen.
Knights were cruel to knights--the poor were cruel to the rich--and every day of the journey had forced upon his childish mind that everyone must be very cruel and hard upon the poor.
The little boy was filled with awe and his childish imagination ran riot as they approached the crumbling barbican on foot, leading the horse after them.
Like the savage, the attitude of these men was stoical in great things, childish in little things.
Childish and immaterial as the topic was, the quality of their reasoning was still more childish and immaterial.
Better than man doth woman understand children, but man is more childish than woman.
Kitty wrote that no prospect was so alluring as to spend the summer with Dolly at Ergushovo, full of childish associations for both of them.
The pet pupil of the Nuns' House is Miss Rosa Bud, of course called Rosebud; wonderfully pretty, wonderfully childish, wonderfully whimsical.
My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehement; but by some law in my temperature they were turned not towards childish pursuits but to an eager desire to learn, and not to learn all things indiscriminately.
The truth is the truth; and neither childish absurdities, nor unscrupulous contradictions, can make it otherwise.
The recollection of that childish time came as a sweet relief to Maggie.