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Synonyms for childish

Synonyms for childish

of or characteristic of a child, especially in immaturity

Synonyms for childish

indicating a lack of maturity


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Pearl felt the sentiment, and requited it with the bitterest hatred that can be supposed to rankle in a childish bosom.
The anguish in her little heart was not alone the anguish of physical pain; but that infinitely more pathetic anguish--of love denied a childish heart that yearns for love.
Dimly, in the back of her childish memory there lurked a blurred recollection of a gentle mother; but Meriem was not sure but that even this was but a dream picture induced by her own desire for the caresses she never received, but which she lavished upon the much loved Geeka.
With a great pang mercifully spared me, I could take back to my heart my childish prayer to be all he had so brightly shown himself; and there was nothing to be undone: no chain for me to break or for him to drag; and I could go, please God, my lowly way along the path of duty, and he could go his nobler way upon its broader road; and though we were apart upon the journey, I might aspire to meet him, unselfishly, innocently, better far than he had thought me when I found some favour in his eyes, at the journey's end.
And thus for a time I was occupied by exploded systems, mingling, like an unadept, a thousand contradictory theories and floundering desperately in a very slough of multifarious knowledge, guided by an ardent imagination and childish reasoning, till an accident again changed the current of my ideas.
No, Philip," said Maggie, shaking her head, in her old childish way; "I'm telling you the truth.
A girl of Frederica's age must be childish indeed, if such things do not strike her.
Nodding, for it would have been childish to cut him, I walked on quickly; but in a minute I felt a hand on my shoulder.
Donald Glover confirmed that his rap persona Childish Gambino will soon retire, but he isn't saying goodbye without taking the stage for one more tour.
The childish drawing, created by a witness, provoked giggles on social media.
Previously announced performers include Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Pink, SZA, Lady Gaga, Little Big Town, Childish Gambino, Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, Kesha, Alessia Cara, Khalid, Logic, Patti LuPone and Ben Platt.
Pop superstar Lady Gaga and the psychedelic rapper Childish Gambino will perform at the Grammy Awards on January 28, organizers of the music industry's biggest night announced Thursday.
05 (ANI): Pop titans Lady Gaga and Pink and rapper Childish Gambino will be performing at 60th Annual Grammys in New York City on January 28, the recording academy has announced.
So we had childish decisions in front of goal, bad decisions, it was not just about the goals we missed or about the dribbling and hitting the bar, or the post in this case, it was not just about the cases with an open goal, it was easy decisions to make in easy transitions to counter attack.
THE WAVE PICTURES - A SEASON IN HULL WYMESWOLD'S The Wave Pictures, above, teamed up with the Great British eccentric of garage rock, Billy Childish on last year's album, Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon.