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Similarly, the editors chose to include a chapter on childhood schizophrenia, which they admit is rare.
Newcomer, a coauthor on the Medicaid claims research, said a growing number of "very eye-opening studies" about the enduring impact of childhood metabolic dysregulation and obesity should make clinicians weigh risks and consequences carefully when choosing drugs to prescribe for childhood schizophrenia, and perhaps even more so for use in disruptive behavior disorders and other nonpsychotic diagnoses.
Many psychiatrists were convinced that children with autism actually had childhood schizophrenia and voluntary mutism.
Those rare children who do develop childhood schizophrenia are more similar in their symptomatology to adult schizophrenia and are easily distinguished from children with autism.
Autism was, for many years, confused with childhood schizophrenia and clouded by a tendency to blame parents for the child's condition - a belief which still lingers in some parts of the world.
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