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a service involving care for other people's children

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As it can be worth nearly PS1,000 a year, everyone paying for childcare should check it out now.
All working parents, including the self-employed, can apply for the scheme as part of the Government's childcare provision for under 12s.
More than 1,700 registered childcare providers including school, football, art and tennis clubs have signed up in the Northeast.
One mother says she would have to pay PS2,500 a month for full-time childcare for her two under-threes in Cardiff.
Responding to the report one mother said she had to give up hopes of returning to work because childcare for her two under-threes in Cardiff would cost more than she could afford even in her former job paying PS40,000 a year in finance sales.
Parents, including the self-employed, are invited to put themselves in contention for Tax-Free Childcare by visiting Childcare Choices.
Today, Tax-Free Childcare opens to parents whose youngest child is under 9, or who turns 9 today.
The cost of childcare for young children has risen 4.
But one of the things I didn't really plan for when I had a family was the high cost of childcare to enable me to work.
TUC Regional Secretary Beth Farhat said: "The cost of childcare is spiralling but wages aren't keeping pace.
Last year on average a full-time childcare place cost PS168 per week.
PARENTS in Kirklees are paying less for childcare than mums and dads in many other parts of the UK, a survey has revealed.
There is a new kid on the block that could mean up to PS2,000 to help towards childcare costs.
Carrillo has a master's degree in Early Child Development; she operated her own home childcare program for 15 years, ran her own childcare center for 10 years, and works as an advocate for children's rights.