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make safe against children


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ANXIOUS parents are checking their medicine cabinets after this week's warning that one in five toddlers can open "child-proof" bottles.
Cannabis Market, child-proof packaging is currently a major focus for industry innovation.
However, they do not and cannot offer the full security offered by a safe or vault and are not completely child-proof.
Called SAFE, short for Securing All Filipino children from Exposure to harmful online contents, the project features an 18-page guide on how parents or guardians can child-proof mobile technology.
All four chocolate supplement varieties come in 50-ct, child-proof, 300-cc BPA-free jars.
As a new mum, I struggled to find jewellery that was child-proof - anything I wore was constantly being pulled at, tugged on and chewed.
In the caption, Murgatroyd revealed that she has started to child-proof their home to ensure that her first bundle of joy is spared from getting hurt or injured.
Even child-proof packaging and low potency, however, would not control the most important variable in the safety equation: adults who buy marijuana products.
She said it is equally important to child-proof a home.
They also are forging licensing deals with makers of potsmoking accessories and cannabis-containing products such as skincare, food and beverages, child-proof packaging, dispensers, and the like.
Police and government officials have stressed the role of parenting to ensure children are always under supervision and kept safe from harm to prevent any furtheraccidents by installing child-proof systems.
She added that they even tried to child-proof the house but the 78-year-old singer had to be watched every minute, and hence, they had to move him for his own safety.
On 5 February, the European Commission announced that it was going to prolong the validity of Decision 2006/502/EC, which required member states to take measures to ensure that only cigarette lighters that were child-proof remain on the market and to ban novelty lighters.