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a service involving care for other people's children

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Create a brochure to inform child-care applicants of their rights and responsibilities and penalties for committing fraud.
Family income is also associated with higher school readiness scores, independent of the number of hours that children spend in child-care, likely because children in higher income families have access to greater resources, such as educational books and toys, as well as to a healthy and pleasant living environment.
In particular, the types of child-care arrangements used, and factors that determine the type of arrangement, such as the child's age, the mother's marital status, and the net income of the child's family are analyzed.
Business Objects enables us to make reporting completely self service and streamlines the process of getting information to those who require it, ultimately improving the quality of child-care provided to the families in Illinois," said Donald Whitehead, lead developer and database administrator for INCCRRA.
In June, the grand jury said widespread abuse of child-care programs for welfare recipients was defrauding taxpayers of $500 million a year.
In surveying the companies that applied for this year's list, particular weight was given to questions in three areas: flexible scheduling, the most critical benefit for working mothers; child-care options, because without them parents can't work; and time off for new parents, because it's critical for mothers to bond with their newborns without professional implications.
1 billion CalWORKS child-care program being lost to fraud, jurors wrote in their report.
The scam is increasingly popular in the county, where Department of Public Social Services investigators have opened more than 800 cases involving child-care fraud.
He probably wasn't talking about California's child-care benefit for welfare-to-work families, but he could have been.
is Director of Curriculum for La Petite Academy, America's second-largest child-care chain, with 750 facilities.
The report said that nearly one quarter of unscheduled absences from work are due to family issues, including child-care needs.
Parents and child- care providers have filed suit against the California Department of Education (CDE) for failing to issue regulations for the CalWORKs child-care programs that CDE administers.
Vander Borght said he would prefer to review the success of another child-care center already under way near the Burbank Airport before moving ahead with a second one.
Just this month, Children of the Rainbow added a 7,000-square-foot child-care center at 3078 L St.
Child-care costs can eat up as much as 35 percent of a working mother's income.