child prodigy

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a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age

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A short film on a child prodigy who created more than 25,000 pictures in his short life of 2522 days has drawn global attention thanks to social media.
Hungarian keyboardist Judit Peteri's Child Prodigy Composers 2, published by Editio Musica Budapest (Z.
Julia was a child prodigy, Little Miss Mozart as the red tops dubbed her, until she committed suicide at the age of 19.
Summary: Hana, a Switzerland/Dubai based artist developed her natural musical talent early in life as a child prodigy
Child prodigy Baraili had already recorded hit singles Bhainsi Ladyo and Mayalu by the age of 13, which are still regarded as her all-time bests.
A child prodigy with a vast knowledge of nature, she was admitted to the UO before finishing high school.
Composer Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849), one of the great masters of Romantic music, was a child prodigy pianist who, at age seven, wrote his first musical score--a polonaise.
AaAaAa A child prodigy, Elton started playing piano at the age of four.
Stephen Shore was a child prodigy of photography, taking his first photo by age 6 and exhibiting by age 14.
5 IF YOU HAPPEN to come skate my ramp and you're one of those child prodigy type of kids, just keep it to yourself.
Salzman's introspective and poignant novel examines the life of a child prodigy whose world-class musical gifts fail him in adolescence, leaving him without a clear place in his universe.
Interludes on his music, discussed by genre, are placed between the biographical chapters, which contain quotes from the composer and his contemporaries and maps of his tours as a child prodigy.
He revealed himself early on as a child prodigy, entering Yale at age fifteen.
FORMER child prodigy and country girl LeAnne grows up with an album more rock'n'roll than Nashville, explaining in the raunchy Destructive: "Sick of being perfect with the perfect little smile".
Born John Stephens, Legend was a child prodigy who grew up in Ohio, where he began singing gospel and playing piano at the age of 5.
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