child prodigy

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a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age

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A child prodigy, Chandra published his first paper and developed his theory of star evolution before turning 20.
She notes her previous three films as director make up a sort of trilogy--"One about being a child prodigy, one about that time in your 30s when you go back to your family and feel infantilized.
The child prodigy is now learning Swift programming, for Apple's iOS platform.
Hungarian keyboardist Judit Peteri's Child Prodigy Composers 2, published by Editio Musica Budapest (Z.
Recently, the Frenchman failed to convince Paraguay child prodigy and Barca academy alumnus Tonny Sanabria, who decided to sign for Serie A club AS Roma, to head to the Emirates.
A child prodigy in the refugee camps where he was raised, he spent his teenage years working as a herder in the deserts around Tripoli.
Sources have confirmed that the 10 year old child prodigy Phulwa aka Jannat will play the lead role of young Mehrusnissa for the unnamed show based on Indu Sundaresan's book "The Twentieth Wife" on an upcoming Hindi Entertainment channel "EPIC.
A child prodigy (he was admitted to the Juilliard School as a six-year-old), Hamlisch went on to earn a vast collection of awards for A Chorus Line as well as the score for The Way We Were (he joins fellow composer Richard Rodgers as the only two artists to capture a complete set of Tony, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Pulitzer statues).
It also has the Tiger Legacy mode that allows players to relive key moments in career - from child prodigy in his back garden to top class performances on the world stage.
A child prodigy, Bonamassa opened shows at age 12 for blues legend BB King.
Director Liz Garbus pays tribute to the child prodigy in this enlightening documentary, which combines archive footage and interviews with the people closest to Fischer.
The most intriguing contest sees Chinese youngster Xiao Guodong take on former child prodigy Kurt Maflin.
Julia was a child prodigy, Little Miss Mozart as the red tops dubbed her, until she committed suicide at the age of 19.
Like her older sibling Victoria, Zoe Yin is a child prodigy with remarkable artistic and writing skills (she's written several short stories), and who is a bright student and a ferocious reader (her favorite books: "The Chronicles of Narnia," "Julie of the Wolves," and "Ella Enchanted").
Summary: Hana, a Switzerland/Dubai based artist developed her natural musical talent early in life as a child prodigy
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