child pornography

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the illegal use of children in pornographic pictures or films

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a connection between child pornography possession and child sex abuse.
between viewing child pornography and child sex abuse--for example, by
Yet, 53 countries still have no law at all that specifically criminalizes child pornography.
However, it is unacceptable that 53 countries still do not consider child pornography a crime.
He asserted that "there is no distinction between, what everyone calls a 'hands on crime' and what the defendant has been convicted of and, in fact, in many ways the actual propagation, distribution, receipt, trading and profiting off of child pornography is worse than the actual hands on crime.
Courts are divided as to whether restitution is appropriate in non-contact child pornography cases and, if so, how to quantify the harm caused by the defendants.
Sparks was convicted of possession of child pornography in federal court in Eugene in 2006.
Sparks was released from custody in 2010 but was still on supervised release when he was arrested on the current child pornography charges.
While speaking to authorities, Peyton Bissell allegedly said he had been downloading child pornography for several years and did it for sexual gratification.
Authorities said an examination of Peyton Bissell's computer led to the discovery of over 4,700 files containing child pornography.
It is very worrying that they are not going hard on people who distribute child pornography.
Japan has long been under international criticism for being a major supplier of online child pornography.
Lawmakers also amended the Unified Code of Corrections to make the offense of child pornography or aggravated child pornography an "aggravating factor" in sentencing.
The crime of child pornography is a foreign import that has affected Cyprus and we have a sharp increase in investigations of such cases," Charalambous said.
The recent explosion of child pornography is a reprehensible side effect of a society that values free speech and uncensored expression.