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a service involving care for other people's children


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Speaking to hundreds of child care and early learning advocates during a briefing on the new report, Senator Murray outlined the current child care crisis in Washington state and nationwide, and urged participants to continue pushing for increased federal investments to make child care more affordable and higher quality for working families.
Accessing affordable child care is a struggle for most families, but is particularly challenging for families in poverty.
The Department of Health and Human Services, under the outgoing Obama Administration, announced a new standard of affordability for child care fees: from 10% or less of family income to seven percent or less.
Child care providers all over the country are required to obtain annual professional development hours each year they work in the field.
Minister of State for Child Care Linda Read announced the intention to provide 2,000 child care spaces in the province.
Through step-by-step planning, the child care center was able to collaborate with supporters in the community and become financially independent through grants and other funding sources.
As the number of mothers in the United States entering the workforce grew rapidly between the 1970s and 1990s, questions about the effects of child care on young children's development and mother-child relationships were raised by parents and policymakers.
Child care is now being recognized as a critical community infrastructure for economic development.
To meet the expressed needs of child care providers, the Indiana Child Care Health Consultant Program (ICCHCP) is counting on health professionals like you.
It has been proposed that nurses and nurse practitioners are uniquely qualified to provide health consultation to child care providers because of their health assessment and health education skills, networks that include schools and community agencies, and nurses' collaborative relationships with other health professionals such as pediatricians (Crowley, 2000; Ulione & Crowley, 1997).
It is not a program for those who think they can make a quick, illegal buck for themselves by cheating the taxpayers who fund the program and depriving legitimate recipients from getting the child care necessary to help them develop the skills that ultimately will get them off the welfare rolls.
The Child Care Health and Safety Credential is a project led by the Catawba County Board of Health and the nursing staff of the Catawba County Health Department's Early Childhood Support Team.
THE National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies has launched Operation Child Care.
TORONTO) The federal government's Multilateral Framework on Early Learning and Child Care will sea $900 million handed over to provincial and territorial governments for early learning and child care during the next five years.
If you're telling people that they can't have child care, then they probably won't be able to work.
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