child abuse

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the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children

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Responding to a question of Shahid Rehmani in National Assembly during Question Hour, he said as many as 3,002 cases of child abuse had been reported in 2013 including 2,017 against girl child abuse and 985 cases of boy child abuse.
In Pakistan, child abuse is growing like a cancer day by day.
According to the latest figure released by Sahil, an NGO that works on child protection with a special focus on sexual abuse, a total of 1,764 cases of child abuse were reported from across the country in the first six months of 2017 alone.
When you think of child abuse, you first think of a child with bruises, cuts, bites or broken limbs.
Even in Kasur-which became the centre of a massive child abuse case in 2014 and 2015-the rape and murders of 12 minor girls, all aged between five to eight years, have been reported in the past twelve months.
Complaints can be lodged with the desk against any child abuse on numbers 021-99202080, 021-99202081, 021-99207568, 021-99207394 and 919.
Two UAE ministers discussed the challenges in fighting child abuse during a panel on "Child Protection Legislations and Procedures in the Region".
The term "child abuse" is defined as a criminal act that often results in underestimation of those conducts which come underneath the definition of child abuse but are flouted due to no apparent hasty harm.
The figure was nearly half of the total 4,374 child abuse cases reported in the entire year of 2015, according to the Policy Development and Planning Bureau of the DSWD.
A desire for that crucial baseline knowledge was the impetus behind the Child Abuse Prevention Climate Survey, which was designed by researchers at the University of Oregon's Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect and administered to a randomly selected and statistically representative sample of Lane County residents.
Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect.
com)-- The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center today announced the success of the 11th Annual Not-So-Serious Golf Outing at Coyote Hills Golf Course on June 24, 2014 which raised more than $60,000 to fight child abuse.
The phenomenon of child abuse gathers the attention not only of the scientific community but the summary of society as well.
Undoubtedly, the entire country is more attuned to child abuse than ever before.
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