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Hang the collage in the kitchen, if it's food themed, or in your child's room.
So that you can stand up comfortably in both the mezzanine and the space underneath it, the room should have a ceiling height of around 4.2m (13ft 9in) or more, unless it's a small child's room.
Prosecutors said: "He then walked through the house and entered into the child's room and took an iPad and Dhs100 from a savings box."
Storage is essential if a child's room is to stay tidy.
The outlet was located behind a television in a child's room, they said.
A CHILD'S ROOM Enter a child's room by the glow of a nightlight to experience the hang-it-up artists works coming to life in exaggerated wall shadows.
Rob Chambers, commercial manager for furniture at Mamas & Papas, also recognises that parents want to harmonise the look of their child's room with the other living spaces, so good design flows through the entire home.
If you follow eco-friendly principles in the rest of your home, you'll also want a nursery or child's room to be planet-friendly, as well as child-friendly.
"It shows you going into that child's room, leaning into the cot and then punching a sleeping child in the back five times."
They furnished one bedroom like a college dorm room, one like a master bedroom, and one like a child's room. They even put a car in the garage.
The child's room features framed primitive art and custom furniture in bright complex colors.
You can really be inventive in a child's room and know that your offspring will appreciate your efforts.'
A child's room has to perform a variety of sleep, work and play functions and with the tendency for kids' bedrooms to be on the small size, you really have yourwork cut out.
Experts were shocked by the high nicotine levels found in a child's room during an experimental study - even though a cigarette was never smoked there.
The contents of the average child's room - excluding clothes and furniture - are worth pounds 634 and insurer Churchill predicts this will rise by a quarter as a result of festive shopping.