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Now she can have a hassle-free, turnkey stylish nursery at her fingertips without having to search for all the little things that create that total look she's after, and it grows with the child because these items are perfectly at home in an older child's room.
In reality busy parents often find the decoration of a child's room lags behind its owner's age, with that nursery colour scheme still intact but slightly battered as he's about to enter junior school.
Every room in the house exudes a certain individuality, and your child's room should be no different.
Colour can transform a child's room - or mood - so choose your hues carefully, says Sheila Warner of Westbury Homes .
In addition, Maytum suggests parents leave a disposable camera in their child's room to capture holiday events or special visitors.
Officers should note any dramat ic changes in the child's room that coincide with the departure, which may indicate predeparture preparation or an attempt by an abductor to conceal evidence.
One thing is certain, parents redecorate their child's room more often than any other room in the house.
Short-sighted parents were more likely to use a night-light in their child's room - possibly due to their own poor sight.
Seventeen percent of respondents would convert the child's room into a craft or hobby room, 11% would opt for a home gym and 10% would convert the space into a home theater or media room.
Lighting is an essential part of designing any room, and it's no less important in a child's room.
I don't think you should think 'child' because it's a child's room,'' said Rebecca Cole, co-host with Robert Verdi on Discovery Channel's ``Surprise by Design.
CHICAGO -- American Sensors is debuting several products at the National Hardware Show later this month, including a combination carbon-monoxide-alarm and night-light unit, as well as a smoke alarm designed for a child's room.
6) Keep your child's room dark and at a moderate temperature at night; if the room is too hot or cold the child may have a restless night's sleep.
Upstairs there are two double bedrooms with the third ideal for a study or child's room.
In the past there have been stickers depicting a red ball that warned firefighters of the location of a baby's or child's room.