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Child Line officials said the injuries on the child's body did not appear like they were caused by a fall from a two-wheeler, and expressed doubt how the couple had no injuries if there was indeed a two-wheeler accident.
Reports suggest the suspect in the case may be misdirecting the search to the lake and that the child's body could be in Mitsero.
The child's body was discovered by cleaning workers who informed the police.
One day before the child's body was found, Pankey was arrested in Aurora, Illinois, for suspected possession of heroin after police came into contact with her while investigating an anonymous tip-off about a missing child.
In this brutal act, the culprit threw parts of the child's body at various places.
The post mortem report showed that the upper half of the child's body had been mutilated and that various organs, including the heart, were missing.
After hours, child's body was found from fields on which the child's house was shaken.
Two more are needles, which were in the child's body for some time and got rusty.
The girl's grandmother found the child's body in the kitchen of the double-storey terrace house.
According to police, bruises found on the child's body showed he was 'kicked' in the chest.
Police said when they examined the child's body they found a burnt injury on the left leg.
As the Texas Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would ensure parents can view their deceased child's body before an autopsy is conducted, a grieving mother shed tears from the gallery.
Instead, he carried his only child's body, covered with a brown kafan, across the cemetery to be buried.
Comfi-Cush Buggy Liners MAKE baby's buggy journeys more comfortable with this machine-washable memory foam liner that adapts to a child's body shape and helps protect the buggy from wear and tear.
" He added that "security force rushed to the scene and transported the wounded to a nearby hospital for treatment, and the child's body to the forensic medicine department." / End
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