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One local woman Leah Hayes said: "The discovery of the child's body makes me feel physically sick.
Also, unlike DMSA, PCA-Rx will not chelate beneficial minerals, one reason it is less stressful to the child's body.
An off- duty TV cameraman spotted the child's body lying by the side of the motorway in Tampa, Florida.
A parent who has been, or is, overweight may begin to worry about a child's body weight before the child has learned to smile.
Vaccines help your child's body fight off deadly diseases.
Breakfast feeds a child's body and brain, helping provide the energy and stamina needed to pay attention.
THE family of five-year-old Jake Parker were today facing an anxious wait to see if a child's body recovered from the sea is that of their son.
That's because if a flawed gene is passed from parent to child, every cell in the child's body contains the mutation, and it can easily be identified by taking a blood sample, for example.
Charles Brennan, who will work with Schiller, is the legal affairs writer for Denver's Rocky Mountain News and has reported on the JonBenet Ramsey case since the day the child's body was discovered.
The child's body will be moved from the Mid Western Regional Hospital in Limerick to University College Hospital Cork where Deputy State Pathologists Dr Margaret Bolster and Dr Michael Curtis will conduct a postmortem this morning.
About seven hours after police and FBI agents began a kidnapping investigation, they conducted a thorough search of the home, and a family member found the child's body, Eller said.
The coroner released the child's body for a funeral.
I feel this involves more than just a woman's right to choose, because she's choosing not only for her own body, but for her child's body, too,'' he said.
ANGUISH: Child's body is held aloft' GRIEVING: Dad with tot
Prosecutors also charged the parents with five counts of felony child abuse after the autopsy revealed the additional injuries throughout the child's body, Corona said.
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