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inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture

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Q My GP prescribed ibugel for my chilblains but it doesn't seem to be working.
The family deceived Eileen and treated her as a maid rather than a tutor and kept her holed up a freezing attic where she suffered from severe chilblains.
The weather has been the worst seen in Antarctica for some years with temperatures plunging to -45C, and Conrad, 49, and Hilary, 51, have been plagued by chilblains and blisters.
Today is the longest day - nights will soon draw in, winter is in sight and when all my smug un-bitten male friends and family are complaining with their chapped lips and chilblains I'll be calm, cool and with a complexion as clear as the driven snow.
Dubbed Chilblains - Above and Beyond in Comfort, the stunt will see Dave water-ski down the Liffey in a tuxedo until he reaches Sir John Rogerson's Quay.
Chilblains are inflamed skin capillaries that appear as red swellings accompanied by stinging and blistering.
My sealskin socks have continued to be fabulous though my addiction to the woodburner in the evening has resulted in a couple of chilblains and I have yet to find a heavy duty moisturiser that will stop my lips and nose from fraying.
CHILBLAINS are caused by the skins abnormal reaction to cold.
Ms Cox wrote: "Each time he visited the GP, he got the same diagnosis: chilblains.
FILM director Pearse Elliot has revealed how movie star Gillian Anderson took breaks at his mum's home to ward off chilblains during the early morning takes of his new movie The Mighty Celt.
We've got blisters, tendonitis and horrendous chilblains, which make your legs turn purple.
The radiators are throbbing and so are my chilblains but I don't care, I can feel my toes for the first time in a week.
Chilblains are patches of skin where tiny blood vessels are sensitive to cold.
Q This time of year I get really bad chilblains, what can I do?