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Synonyms for chilblain

inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture

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Cuando las lesiones de perniosis tienen un curso prolongado debe sospecharse un eritema pernio asociado con enfermedad del tejido conjuntivo, como el lupus eritematoso (asociacion conocida como lupus eritematoso perniotico o chilblain lupus).
SAGES have noted down the years how the vastness of one man's brain may enable him, simultaneously, to shave an atom and remember all the words to Ten Green Bottles, while satisfying the agitation in the chilblain on the smallest toe of his left foot with the nail on the biggest toe of his right foot.
Glister Butterworth lives in Chilblain Hall and proves to be a magnet for the odd and peculiar.
Glister lives in Chilblain Hall with her father, strange things often happen around her.
This condition is called chilblain (chil-BLANNE), and can affect the fingers, toes, ears, or other uncovered skin.
Usually, there is no history of localised trauma at the chilblain site and skin injury does not appear to be a causative agent.
Think of the chilblain litigation this might provoke.
Ms Willott said, 'I know it is going to be gruelling and that my fitness and stamina will be put to the test, but it's worth every aching muscle and chilblain because the money raised will go to help a number of good causes.
Don't make the mistake of applying heat directly to the chilblain - for instance with a hot water bottle - because rapid reheating can make them worse.
I WAS sucking contentedly on a humbug when the chilblain on the fourth toe of my left foot swelled into an itch of such irresistible potency that it would have excited a scratch from a granite Buddha.
BUDDING tycoon Adrian Whalley believes his mum's chilblain cream could make him a millionaire.