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Synonyms for chilblain

inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture

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Imagine recalling the words to that charabanc favourite and scratching a chilblain at the same time.
In the consumption of chilled beverages, excessive ingestion of ice can lead to tissue chilblain, a mild form of cold injury.
She was, of course, a mistress of under-statement, who greeted each new chilblain as a personal friend.
In the greengrocer's on the main street, the lady on the till chucked in a free couple of bananas and her advice on chilblain cures (long story) when I told her we were visiting from England.
Think of the chilblain litigation this might provoke.
Don't make the mistake of applying heat directly to the chilblain - for instance with a hot water bottle - because rapid reheating can make them worse.
Ms Willott said, 'I know it is going to be gruelling and that my fitness and stamina will be put to the test, but it's worth every aching muscle and chilblain because the money raised will go to help a number of good causes.
She paused, seemingly lost in a passion of the imagination, and stretched her shapely legs across the couch, before staring across the room to the armchair, where I was rippling the folds of tummy flesh over my pyjama cord, while examining the chilblain on the big toe of my left foot.
They were probably trying out chilblain creams, or big slippers or knitting each other sweet bobbly hats.
BUDDING tycoon Adrian Whalley believes his mum's chilblain cream could make him a millionaire.
I WAS sucking contentedly on a humbug when the chilblain on the fourth toe of my left foot swelled into an itch of such irresistible potency that it would have excited a scratch from a granite Buddha.
BUDDING tycoon Adrian Whalley is selling his mum's home-made chilblain cream to airline passengers as a miracle cure for Deep Vein Thrombosis.
If the chilblain becomes ulcerated then seek advice from your GP.