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a roll of hair worn at the nape of the neck

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How to make a bun or chignon with growing-out hair at that in-between stage and still get it neat.
We're finding that those clean chignons don't work that well.
To complete the effect, models wore their hair pulled up into romantic chignons with extra-long tendrils (obviously hair extensions) created by hair stylist to the stars Frederic Fekkai and his staff, and wore very high strappy stilettos.
All his models had silver glitter scattered down one side of their face, with hair scraped back into elegant chignons.
We're loving 'dishevelled glamour' updo's with undone feel messy chignons and cascading curls, while fish plaits are a real summer look and always stylish, particularly when you want to do something that's quick and effective Just changing your parting can change your whole look.
She recommends updo hairstyles, such as, French twists, pony tails, and chignons.
WITH her gamine looks and ballerina-like grace, Audrey Hepburn moved effortlessly from capri pants and pixie haircuts to sophisticated chignons and couture gowns, making her a beauty icon for five generations of women.
Other options include jeweled metal ``nets'' for chignons - a hairstyle that Oscar-winning Gwyneth Paltrow has single-handedly brought back into focus.
The trend this year appears to be for a more sophisticated, glamorous look so we're seeing a lot of chignons, pleats and loosely braided fringes.
But those who fear the return of corkscrew curls can opt for alternatives such as sophisticated chignons or hair accessories, reveals Liverpool stylist Barbara Daley.
Dodgy hair days will be a obsolete along with buns, bobs, chignons, French plaits and, oh dear, Alice bands.
The bridesmaids had their hair in chic chignons, fashioned into bows, mirroring the crystal bows under the bust on their column dresses.
With his daughter and partner, Ruth Regina Rozini, he fashioned braids, chignons and knots fit for a first lady - in this case, Eva Peron of Argentina.
He says normally when we think about having our hair up, we think bee-hives, chignons, french pleats and fussy formal styles.