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a roll of hair worn at the nape of the neck

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One of the most popular hairstyles from the Middle period until the late period was to secure the braids in chignons at either side of the head, above each ear, held by golden or silk threads.
Brides are weaving strings of jewelry, almost like a necklace, through their chignons or they are adding heirloom pieces such as jeweled combs to make their hair sparkle.
Not a few of the designers chose low chignons, while others went for slightly mussed-up versions of the classic updos.
The team styled playful and pretty chignons to complement the designer's Fall '11 collection, which premiered on the runway on Valentine's Day.
It's not often that glam and practical come together, but the new chignons do just that," reveals Guido Palau, Redken creative consultant.
My mother would sit us in a chair to do pigtails, ponytails, chignons, and a long assortment of her own designs.
VINTAGE beauty abounded at this year's Oscars with soft and sweeping styles worn at the nape of the neck in classic chignons or retro ponytails.
Normally, however, hair was caught up in a bun, and the movement of chignons up and down the head was a major element in hair fashions.
Only a representation unhinged from the burden of denotation, the poet argues, is able to capture the fleeting sensations of the bourgeois city--the pleasurable sighting of a raised hemline, or whether "hat-brims have grown wider and chignons have been lowered.
I think younger women will wear their hair in neat knots, while older actresses will pull it up into French twists, chignons and elaborate free-form styles using hair pieces,'' she explains.
If butterflies can happily sit on chignons, why not on lamp shades?
Go to the variety store and purchase a form for chignons.
One by one they enter the studio--these West Coast acolytes-by-proxy of the late Balanchine, with every hair neatly pulled into sleek little chignons, faces smooth and scrubbed, attention taut, thoughts silently composed as they take their places at the barre.
Most impressive is the intricate carving of the woman's hair, which forms a honeycomb-like network before ending in two chignons.
While Kristen has stuck to her trademark dressed down look, Ms Ross has turned to power dressing with pencil skirts and killer heels and wearing her hair in ponytails and chic chignons.