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a tall elegant chest of drawers

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For more information about Maven, formerly called Chiffoniers, located at 3811 Camp Bowie Blvd.
51) Theodore Hoppen observes: "The characteristic mid-Victorian liking for clutter required increasing expenditure on tables, chairs, sideboards, chiffoniers, escritoires, pianos, dumb waiters, (all covered with tasseled velvet cloths and runners), upon Staffordshire figurines, Doulton china, brass candlesticks, coal-scuttles, papier-mache models, vases, stuffed birds, wax fruit, and framed photographs.
These include an early 19th century Dutch marquetry dropflap table (estimate pounds 1,000/1,500), sets of chairs, chests of drawers including a good George III mahogany example of small proportions (pounds 1,000/1,500), a Victorian camphorwood campaign chest with secretaire (pounds 600/1,000), as well as chiffoniers and mirrors.
But men have steel now for trains and skyscrapers and even for chiffoniers and chairs.
Each conforms to a distinct, and opposing, model of accumulation: on the one hand, Forster offers the chiffoniers, books, and embedded genealogical memories of the Schlegel household, and on the other the luggage and real estate of the W ilcoxes, with their insistence on the infinite fungibility and latent liquidity of belongings.
You might with equal reason ask whether we are becoming a more cultured people because so many more of us are buying chiffoniers and bureaus and mirrors and toilet seats.
Cornell's ethical mourners become chiffoniers as they re-collect the traces of the "Other," gathering and re-membering fragments of identities.
In The Philosophy of the Limit, Drucilla Cornell connects the duty of mourning to the work of Walter Benjamin's chiffonier.
Jodie Harsh, resplendent in a coral strapless Lanvin dress finished off with silver sequined Les Chiffoniers leggings.
The invitation-only audience of stars watched models showoff new collections from designers including celebrity favourites Luella and Les Chiffoniers.