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the position of chieftain

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VC2 (n = 176; 58.7%), serve as a lower traditional leadership rank at village level of the Mutema-Musikavanhu chieftainship and taking charge of day to day community leadership and control against illegal utilization of woodlands at village level.
Such a reading can find a frame of reference in Pierre Clastres's 'Exchange and power: philosophy of Indian chieftainship'.
27) held when he wrote his first essay on chieftainship. As Moyn (2004) observes, that early admission of the military leader's power meant war required further integration into the society against the state thesis, which was the problem Clastres was working on at the time of his death.
The exhibit tells about the Kainai Chieftainship, an elaborate ceremony that is sacred but often misunderstood.
(6) He distinguishes such ideological systems from mundane patterns of power that might more broadly be termed 'social hierarchies' --systems of achieved or hereditary rank, hierarchies of chieftainship or eldership or gender--seeing these as necessarily and fundamentally separate.
Several scholars have also pointed to the potential tension in the Constitution in which the Bill of Rights (chapter 2) on the one hand preserves gender equality, but simultaneously guarantees the protection of chieftainship and respect for traditional authority (chapter 12).
Irwin, "Chieftainship, kula and trade in Massim prehistory," in The Kula: New Perspectives on Massim Exchange, J.
The root cause of their fight was rivalry over chieftainship and over capturing the source of life, namely water and fodder.
It seems that archaic authoritarian symbolism has found a safe haven in the churches in the global South, including the hierarchical model based on chieftainship.
Following his father's death, young Mandela became the Chief's ward and was groomed for the high office of chieftainship. Influenced by the cases that came before the Chief's court.
While she discouraged her members from participating in Zambian politics, Lenshina assumed not only religious roles but secular chieftainship roles as well, against the existing socio-political structures.
Eventually, however, the evil Chaka has sown bears a dreadful fruit as his own brothers, from whom he has taken the chieftainship, band together to kill him.
This is evidenced by the politicization of the institution of chieftainship where partisan political imperatives determine the resolution of conflicts.
The MoU was signed between Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh and Minister of Local Self Government and Chieftainship, Government of Lesotho, Dr Pontso'Matumelo Sekatle.
The first chapter expands upon this methodological overview by looking to the historical development of the cacicazgo (chieftainship) and ethnic identity in New Spain.