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Synonyms for chieftain

one who is highest in rank or authority

Synonyms for chieftain

the leader of a group of people


Related Words

the head of a tribe or clan

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JT Boyd, a mining and geologic consultant, recently completed an analysis of the reserves in place which found an estimated 38m tons of useable frac sands present on the parcels acquired from Chieftain, up from a previously estimated 30 m tons.
Gerona said that when Magellan arrived in the Philippines, Cebu was already a thriving port with vibrant communities headed by several chieftains and was actively involved in commerce.
The vehicle is equipped with a blacked-out Thunder Stroke 111 engine, using the same chassis and suspension as the Indian Chieftain.
The partnership with Chieftain is a natural extension to our existing offering.
Our partnership with Energy Capital will provide Chieftain Sand with access to capital and a long-term strategic partner who can support our growth plan," commented David Hanson, Chieftain Sand's CEO.
Tony is putting together a collection of old photographs and information about The Chieftain.
Redhall said it was already seeing a significant return on its investment in Chieftain and that the group represents one third of its overall turnover and employs around 700 of its 2,000-sister site on Teesside have seen order books boosted by new opportunities in the defence, oil and gas sectors, with Redhall expecting further growth in these areas in the coming months.
And in September Chieftain bought the trading name, fixed assets, stocks and works in progress of Bringover, of Stockton.
Chieftain wanted a judicial review of approval of the Lime Street scheme on August 23.
Charlie started proceedings against Chieftain, which has an annual turnover of pounds 11m, in 2002 after he found out he was dying.
The Chieftains, a guy recently explained at a Eugene barbershop, are to Irish folk music what the Beatles are to rock 'n' roll.
There are many sex scenes woven into the story as the young teenage chieftain comes of age, mainly as an indication of the role and status of women within the society.
Stirling Provost John Paterson is flying to Florida next month to be chieftain at a Highland games.
Hrafnkels saga describes a chieftain who murders his shepherd, is then tortured and humiliated for his crime, and finally takes cruel revenge on one of his tormentors.
As increasing numbers of people from surrounding communities established iron-producing operations in Kelheim, valuable objects may have been stock-piled and the wealth of the chieftain and other "elites" may have surged, Wells suggests.