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Synonyms for chief

Synonyms for chief

one who is highest in rank or authority

a professional politician who controls a party or political machine


having or exercising authority

Synonyms for chief

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Africans who laid claims to chiefship fought against others with regard to territory.
2013) Deeding with Government in South Sudan: histories of chiefship.
By the 1950s, in the midst of the Kabaka Crisis, it had become obvious to even the most oblivious British officials that they needed a more thorough understanding of ideas such as kingship, chiefship, and even paternal power.
It ended while Downes was on leave, when investigations into another alleged ritual murder, followed by an inquiry, concluded both that Tiv fears of witchcraft were largely illusory and that they had been exacerbated by the introduction of chiefships thought to require human sacrifice.
in general and chiefship in particular are a function of complementary
Shoulderers, shoulderers of chiefship, carry well the people of the crying horns,-- rainmakers intercede for those of the crying horns, intercede for the chiefs; I am speaking, I speak about rain.
I would argue that the most reactionary leaders have been commoners rather than chiefs, though sometimes invoking ideals about chiefship.
62) It was chiefship that created hostility and, he admitted, the threat of sorcery, from political rivals.
In some cases the chiefship is divided - where, for example, a younger brother has by a superior ability or bravery raised himself to the level of the elder, or even above him - so that in each particular purchase, there is a necessity for carefully ascertaining what is the community, and who are the chief or chiefs whose consent is needed to make the sale thoroughly valid and unquestionable (ibid.
26) Now, by performing the road ritual for Olila, the Ofankor chief and his people fell back on the same unresolved pattern: they made use of the road as a platform for openly displaying the beliefs and practices that are central to, and partially legitimate, the institutions of chiefship.
That the Beo Rana was similarly conferred with Chiefship in addition to his already existing customary office of Earthpriest in which office was and is as at date vested with the Paramount or Allodial title to all lands of the Beo Rana .
This essay addresses Dumont's argument with Hegel via an examination of ethnographic material concerning the historical and contemporary nature of Fijian chiefship.
2005) 'Making politics, making history: chiefship and the post-apartheid state in Namibia', Journal of Southern African Studies 31 (1): 23-51.