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CPO 365, is a yearlong leadership development and training program to build and develop chief petty officers.
14 at the atrium of the National Museum of Naval Aviation, 32 new chief petty officers were pinned from the Center for Information Dominance (CID) Unit Corry Station, Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) Pensacola and Naval Hospital Pensacola.
Chief petty officers, who attend advancement exam development conferences (AEDC), held once every two years, are pushed to achieve a very aggressive schedule with the goal of updating 5,000 or more questions for each rating.
One of my toughest challenges as safety leading chief petty officer is to combat complacency.
of the Air Force Gerald Murray became an honorary master chief petty officer at the U.
Sometimes General Jumper speaks to me and reminds me of those Chief Petty Officers who took me aside when I was an ensign.
This fall, Navy commands provided indoctrination classes for its newest petty officers and chief petty officers.
Perkins, and has a crew of 22 officers, 26 chief petty officers and 305 enlisted men.
Chief petty officers (CPO) assigned to Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Yokosuka recognized the 122nd CPO birthday by hosting an event that celebrated their history and leadership on board Yokosuka Naval Base April 1.
Today's chief petty officers are the deckplate leaders - guardians of ceremony and heritage, the keepers of arcane knowledge specific to their rating, the first arbiters of good order and discipline, and the keepers of tradition.
CPO 365, is a yearlong development and training program for first class petty officers, which was first introduced in 2010 and according to guidance put out by the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Mike Stevens, developing effective leaders does not happen in a few short weeks--it is a continuous and never-ending process in which CPO 365 is the single, sustained method to train, build and develop Chief Petty Officers.
In separate, prerecorded messages to the attendees, the CNO and Commandant both stressed the critical role chief petty officers and senior enlisted leaders play in developing enlisted Sailors and junior officers.
This edition of the Supply Corps Newsletter focuses on females in the Supply Corps, so I thought it only fitting to provide some feedback on Supply rated female Chief Petty Officers.
Chief petty officers will now be evaluated, ranked and promoted based on how they incorporate those principles into the way they lead Sailors.
NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka personnel, family and friends welcomed the newest Chief Petty Officers to their ranks during a pinning ceremony held at the Chapel of Hope onboard Yokosuka Naval Base recently.
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