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In exercise of the powers conferred upon me under Section 33(2) of the Diplomatic and Consular Service Act, 2011, 1 Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan, do hereby issue this Republican Order for the relieve of Ambassador Bol Wek Agoth as the Chief of State Protocol and Acting Chief Administrator in the Office of the President and to return to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with effect from 12 March 2018," the decree, signed by Kiir, partly reads.
As a precaution, we stopped the flows from Pyramid to Castaic (Lake),'' Rich Sanchez, chief of State Water Project operations, said after the oil spill was discovered.
James Ortenzio and Robert Balachandran, chairman of the board and president, respectively, of local partner Hudson River Park Trust joined Joel Holtrop, deputy chief of state and private forestry for the U.
Selected from among the seven members of the Federal Council by the parliament (and not by the Swiss populace), the chief of state -- a post currently held by Moritz Leuenberger -- is regarded as primus inter pares, or the "first among equals" for merely a one-year term.
Thieu assumed power as chief of state in 1965, the same year President Lyndon Johnson ordered the first major escalation of the war, sending more than 100,000 US troops to Vietnam.
Prosecutor Julio Arango filed a complaint against the former chief of state and eight other former high-ranking military officers.
While Reagan never had the temerity to invite South Africa's chief of state to the White House for a happy-hour buffet, constructive engagement was roundly denounced by learned Americans as a sad reminder of their leader's lack of commitment to civil rights.
HOUSTON -- Hyperdynamics Corporation (AMEX:HDY) announced today that an informational 8K has been filed with the SEC regarding correspondence that has been received from Guinea's Chief of State, President Lansana Conte.
The talks were also attended on the Saudi side by several other officials, including the newly-assigned Chief of State Security Gen Abdulaziz Al-Huwairini and the President of General Intelligence Khaled Al-Humaidan.
We will bring things to order anyway," Chief of State Inspectorate for Technical and Environmental Safety Osmonbek Artykbaev told Tazabek with regard to Kumtor project.
While Cameron's concerns are technically correct, all of the pipeline capacity is spoken for on paper only, said Don Long, chief of State Water Project contracts.
We are pleased to have met this objective," Tony Mosley, Branch Chief of State Department said.
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