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After the ceremonial post of chief of state, Thieu was elected president in September 1967 after pulling off a stunning switch with his rival, Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky, who had previously wielded the most influence in the South Vietnamese military regime.
According to the chief of state, these values encompass living together amidst disparate cultures and languages, in peace and with mutual respect, as well as providing the opportunity to prosper in a secure and hospitable environment.
Prosecutor Julio Arango filed a complaint against the former chief of state and eight other former high-ranking military officers.
While Reagan never had the temerity to invite South Africa's chief of state to the White House for a happy-hour buffet, constructive engagement was roundly denounced by learned Americans as a sad reminder of their leader's lack of commitment to civil rights.
HOUSTON -- Hyperdynamics Corporation (AMEX:HDY) announced today that an informational 8K has been filed with the SEC regarding correspondence that has been received from Guinea's Chief of State, President Lansana Conte.
The commission includes Minister of Natural Resources as chair, chief of energy and mineral resources of the Interim Government's Office as vice chair of the commission, Deputy Justice Minister, Deputy Economic Regulation Minister, Deputy Finance Minister, Chief of State Administration of Chatkal rayon, Jalal-Abad oblas, chief of subsoil use right regulation of the Ministry of Natural Resources.
While Cameron's concerns are technically correct, all of the pipeline capacity is spoken for on paper only, said Don Long, chief of State Water Project contracts.
We are pleased to have met this objective," Tony Mosley, Branch Chief of State Department said.
Unable to resist, David Letterman instantly offered up a Top 10 list of slogans for the new chief of state, including ``Building a steroid-enhanced bridge to the 21st century,'' and ``C'mon, don't you want to see Newt Gingrich in a chokehold.
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