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Ian Critchley joins Merseyside Police after 23 years for the Lancashire force, and will be the assistant chief constable responsible for response and resolution from May 23.
THE man in charge of finding the next Chief Constable for West Midlands Police is asking the public for help to draw up the job spec for the person who replaces him.
NORTHUMBRIA Police's Chief Constable Sue Sim is today being investigated over misconduct claims.
TRIBUTES have been paid to a chief constable who died at the Sir Philip Myers, of Old Colwyn, once the youngest chief constable Britain.
Before the single force was created in April, assistant chief constables earned between PS91,000 and PS106,000.
The Home Affairs committee was critical of Gwent commissioner Ian Johnston who "persuaded" Chief Constable Carmel Napier to retire, which meant the formal process was bypassed.
On the other hand, it is essential to commissioners' role as directly elected office-holders that they have the power to dismiss chief constables, and commissioners can and should provide robust, critical challenge to chief constables.
The first Chief Constable of the new Police Service of Scotland will shape and lead the second largest force in the UK with more than 17,000 officers and around 6,500 support staff serving more than five million people.
He said it was the chief constables - who were "not bursting out into the national media to give us the benefit of their latest opinion" - who were performing best.
Commenting on the ride, Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard said: "Not only is motorcycling a convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transport, when used correctly, and with the right protective equipment, it can turn a tedious drive to work into a much more enjoyable experience.
Sir Paul Scott-Lee, of West Midlands Police, was one of the most restrained Chief Constables, claiming just pounds 1,612.
The five assistant chief constables in Strathclyde have taken the option of provided vehicles.
It is quite wrong that chief constables should seek to indulge in this kind of political mischief-making.
Police insiders say the favourites for the job are three of the four chief constables now working within Wales but the boss of the South Yorkshire force Meredydd Hughes - who began his career with South Wales Police - is also seen as a strong contender.
Neighbors soon learned that reporting policemen to their chief constables for unseemly conduct was an effective way to force police families to change their behavior or move.
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