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the most helpful assistant

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That job will fall to Ms Toni Charlton, currently chief assistant of BBC Drama.
Di Gregory also previously served as an Assistant State Attorney and later, Chief Assistant to Janet Reno, in the Office of the State Attorney for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida.
General Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Dubai Police chief assistant for Operational Affairs and head of the Traffic Federal Council, said many workers are speeding to make it to work on time, despite poor visibility in parts of the UAE.
Participants included Daniel Alonso, Chief Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan and former head of the criminal division for the Eastern District of New York; Omar Ashmawy, Staff Director and Chief Counsel, Office of Congressional Ethics for the United States House of Representatives; Mitra Hormozi, Chair of the New York State Commission on Public Integrity; New York Times and NY1 reporter Sam Roberts; and Stroock partner and former federal and state prosecutor Joel Cohen.
Kuching district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mun Kok Keong told reporters the victim knew all the suspects, and some of them had been interviewed.
Employment cases represent the largest risk factor -- as far as verdicts or payouts,'' said Gary Geuss, chief assistant city attorney in the Civil Liability Management Group.
Karp, chief assistant district attorney for New York, reluctantly takes on the case, but his high moral code forces Karp to go searching for the truth and in the process the lives of his own wife and daughter are put in danger.
Previously, investigators from the Tallahassee Police Department consulted with Chief Assistant Robin Lotane (currently running for Leon County Circuit Judge) who unilaterally made a decision to approve the probable cause affidavit causing a warrant to be issued.
McGruther, JNC Chair, Chief Assistant State Attorney, P.
au quoted Michael Caruso, the public defender's chief assistant, as saying.
Mohamad Abdul Aziz, chief assistant director of enforcement in the state, said four transvestites were found guilty by the Islamic Sharia court.
White has served as a Ventura Superior Court judge for 12 years, and worked for the Ventura County District Attorney's Office for 18 years, including 10 in the position of chief assistant district attorney.
Before joining GTE in 1997, Zipperstein served as Chief Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles and held a variety of positions at the Justice Department in Washington, D.
Prior to that, Walston served for 8 years as California's chief assistant attorney general for the Public Rights Division, where he oversaw all litigation involving the state in the fields of natural resources, land, environmental, antitrust, consumer and civil rights law.
Ampang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Jalil Hassan said their Indian counterparts notified about woman's return to Malaysia.
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