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perennial Old World herb having rayed flower heads with blue florets cultivated for its root and its heads of crisp edible leaves used in salads

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And the 3,000 seeds that the average chicory plant produces are a prized food for birds.
Look for brightly plumaged goldfinches flitting among chicory plants gathering seeds, flashing yellow around the true blue flowers.
According to Friskies, only the whole root of the chicory plant has enough natural concentrations of the beneficial starch inulin to effect significant improvement in the bacterial balance of a canine digestive system.
Research shows that three years after establishment, chicory plants grown in small plots have decreased in number ranging from less than 5 percent to 40 percent the plant of population.
Thus, further studies on the relationship between these stink bugs with the chicory plants are needed in order to understand this insect-plant interactions, and try to check if the presence of E.
Tolerance to salinity of chicory plants grown in hydroponics.
Foster is studying the chemical makeup of the chicory plants to see whether they hold something objectionable to the lambs.
The goal of this research was to determine the decline in growth and yield of chicory plants under increased salt concentration of the nutrient solution and to infer about its tolerance to salinity.
In 2001, weed percentage in both Lacerta and Forage Feast chicory increased during the growing season, reflecting the loss of chicory plants during this time.
Chicory plants in the growth chamber were also younger and smaller than plants growing in the field, which could have potentially affected its response to drought and freezing stress (Steponkus, 1978; White, 1984; Schwab et al.