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gum-like substance from the sapodilla


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Although Diego de Landa, the sixteenth-century bishop of the Yucatan who infamously burned the Maya codices, never admitted to chewing chicle himself, he did praise the taste of sapodilla in his Relacion de las cosas de Yucatan, written about 1566.
Existen diversas formas farmaceuticas de sustitutos (parches, chicles, atomizador nasal, inhalador bucal y tabletas sublinguales) que pueden tener una influencia positiva en el cumplimiento del tratamiento dadas las multiples vias de administracion [25].
Como ya he senalado, los tres newsgroups que analizamos son: Chicle List (Chicano literature discussion list), Aztlan Net (Latino arts and letters of North America) y mexican.
A latex gum from the sapodilla tree of Central America, chicle was considered a potential substitute for rubber, Cambridge University science writer, John Emsley recounts in Vanity, Vitality and Virility: The Chemistry behind the Products You Love to Buy (Oxford Univ.
Founded in 1899 as American Chicle by Thomas Adams, Adams was acquired in 1962 by Warner-Lambert Co.
He noticed Mexicans liked chewing chicle, a rubbery substance from a Central American tree, and in 1869 boiled up some with flavourings and offered it to a store.
Gum in its modern form came into being when a US photographer, Thomas Adams, experimented with chicle - sap from the sapodilla tree - which he knew native Indians chewed.
During the second century, Central American Mayans enjoyed chewing chicle, the natural gum from the latex of the sapodilla tree, which later became the main ingredient in chewing gum.
Originally, chicle, the resin from sapodilla trees, and spruce tree resin were used for gum base.
Her minder was only scurrying around the tree, chicle body vibrating for anxious; green crystal eyes tracking, tracking, as it tried to make sure Tan-Tan was all right.
Rainforest people collect the chicle just as they did long ago.
In addition to the statutory references, the Service cited American Chicle, 316 US 450 (1942), apparently to establish that the primary intention of the FTC is to avoid double taxation.