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a false statement that is considered to indicate timidity or fear

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Fussell describes chickenshit as a term that does not merely "imply complaint about the inevitable inconveniences of military life: overcrowding and lack of privacy, tedious institutional cookery, deprivation of personality, general boredom.
Pace Tocqucville, however, merdecratic chickenshit ineluctably fosters tyranny.
By the way, someone did come by, some little chickenshit bastard that even had the key to this apartment.
Verdell Ten Bears sums up the purpose of the book when he thinks to himself, "I always ask 'why,' hoping that by poking my finger into the eye of pain, pain will be chickenshit & run & healing will come, but emmut, that never does happen.
Secondly, a lot of newspapers--and TV particularly--they're just chickenshit.
I was intimidating and chickenshit but would change in a flash to an ally, and vice versa.
He announced at one point: "~If you're going to let one government chickenshit lawyer tell you what to do, you're not part of America.
Just a minor example: The day the memorable Chickenshit remark made headlines, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution calling upon the US to put an end to its 50-year-old embargo on Cuba.
Been chickenshit dis-placed person since can remember but fought each time.
When the noises ceased, Sully said they ought to put out their fire but it seemed chickenshit to actually do it.
We would say that we understand that the JTF2 are this size and we would get chickenshit answers back like "Well, I'll tell you they're not" and "I can't tell you how far you're off, but you're off.
My suspicion is they're not, that they are chickenshit and Cokie Roberts will do whatever the hell she wants to do and they don't have the balls to do anything," says the Chicago Tribune's Warren, whose newspaper allows its staff to make paid speeches only to educational institutions.
Like Wyatt, Connally opposed the war, partly because he saw it as a gimmick to restore Bush's popularity, partly because (as Wyatt put it), "In 19 years of trading with the Arabs, the one and only thing I've learned is to stay out of their chickenshit conflicts.
You allowed that hideous green with dirty-looking teeth picture on the front of your book--mystifying after the acceptable pictures you used in the ads; Your silly-shallying "Editor's Note" with its chickenshit little presentation to scholarship--Fitzgerald, Faulkner, O'Hara--makes you read like a castrated rabbit.