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a false statement that is considered to indicate timidity or fear

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But as the Pulitzer Prize-winning financial journalist Jesse Eisinger demonstrates in his book The Chickenshit Club: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives, the fiction we learned in law school is not always the one applied by courts and lawyers.
The Chickenshit Club is the name former FBI head James Comey gave prosecutors of the DOJ's Southern District of New York when, in 2002, he was appointed U.
Unfortunately, the Department of Justice writ large then, over the next 15 years, becomes the chickenshit club, because they lose the will and the ability and the focus on top executives, and now no longer really tries very hard and knows how to prosecute executives.
Pace Tocqucville, however, merdecratic chickenshit ineluctably fosters tyranny.
We Pumsies didn't get stinking rich by sitting around listening to chickenshit Like this, so I fled quicker than you can say "Fearnley-Whittingstall".
You also need a phone and an account with a bookmaker, not of the chickenshit type who are scared to take trifectas.
I believed that the loss of China had played a large role in the rise of Joe McCarthy," he later told his biographer, Doris Kearns, "And I knew that all these problems, taken together, were chickenshit compared with what might happen if we lost Vietnam.
Having an affair to get out of a sexless union is both trite and chickenshit.
If I weren't such a chickenshit I would stare into the sun, burn my retinas out, and retire to the south of France.
Clinton seemed to have disliked Bibi Netanyahu, and in one sharp exchange, when the Israeli leader suggested that Arafat could keep his commitments by making sure Gaza police chief Ghazi Jabali "disappeared," our president was heard screaming, "This is just chickenshit.
In short, combat teaches soldiers and commanders 'alike what matters and what's chickenshit.
These qualities of excellence," we read, "earned for him the name Chickenshit.
Stewart J's discomfort at exploiting a change in the composition of the Court to gain ascendancy for views he had expressed previously in dissent is well documented by Woodward and Armstrong, most memorably in a scene recounting an exchange between Stewart and White JJ where the latter described Stewart J's stance as 'kind of a chickenshit position': Woodward and Armstrong, above n 121, 483.
By the way, someone did come by, some little chickenshit bastard that even had the key to this apartment.
So cowed are commentators (which is of course the prime motive of those charges of anti-Semitism) that even after Congress recently voted full-throated endorsement of Sharon and Israel, with only two senators and twenty-one reps voting against (I don't count the chickenshit twenty-nine who voted "present"), you could scarcely find a mainstream paper prepared to analyze this astounding demonstration of the power of AIPAC and other Jewish organizations, plus the Christian right and the military industry, which profits enormously from military aid to Israel, since Congress has stipulated that 75 percent of such supplies must be bought from US firms like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.