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I USED to think the ability to back place only and take a price was one of the advantages of Betfair, but after Encke became the latest in a long list of big-priced winners I've managed to miss through being too chicken-hearted to throw a few quid at a price, I'm not so sure.
Islamabad, Nov 12 (ANI): Former Pakistan Air Commodore and Researcher, Tariq Majid, has revealed that former Dictator Ayub Khan was a chicken-hearted general who took many wrong decisions in haste out of fear.
FACED with winter driving I am a chicken-hearted cold-footed coward.
He's so ruthless in his determination to succeed, that he won't put up with any chicken-hearted birds.
Obviously this didn't include the Cardiff councillors who have been let off the hook by the chicken-hearted Lib-Dem council, on the return of overpayments they received.
Only then would Gibson have a prayer for squarely confronting his chicken-hearted denial of the evil in the bark of his family tree and to exorcise the horror that made him his father's son.
AD 68 Rome's chicken-hearted Emperor Nero committed suicide, aged 32, after the Senate had declared him a public enemy.