chicken wire

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a galvanized wire network with a hexagonal mesh

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Years ago, before these commercial dog blinds were readily available, I made my own field dog hides using a little chicken wire, two wooden dowels and four metal stakes to hold the blind in place.
70 Pu are retrofitted using one layer, two layer and three layers of chicken wire mesh and Ferro cement.
The researchers believe that each layer is made of many chicken wire sheets sandwiched together.
I have now bought 10 metres of chicken wire to build a Flopsy-proof fence.
Brooks and others to fashion a chicken wire hood for foiling squirrels and raccoons.
Other pests, such as rabbits, can be stopped with chicken wire, which has smaller openings.
If you insist on having a traditional lawn, one recommended procedure, although tedious, is to lay chicken wire or plastic mesh over the soil.
Alternatively, a piece of chicken wire can be hung over the edge like a scrambling net which hedgehogs can climb up to freedom
Chuckling that the system is held together by "chewing gum and chicken wire," Ms.
It will grow seven or eight feet high so be sure to have enough height in the trellis or chicken wire it will climb on.
For a smaller version, set the moist florist's foam directly inside the vase and eliminate the chicken wire.
No fanlights or bevelled side panels, no stained glass left, it's true, but look at the grillwork: chain link, nests of chicken wire, dreamy Mediterranean swirls globbed with pine-green paint.
Past the domed silos and chicken wire fences, a hilly patchwork of fields and tilled earth stretches into the distance.
I remember my grandmother answering my questions on a ferry by explaining assertively that crazy people had to sit on the other side of the chicken wire.
As always, our goal is to achieve high visual impact with an interesting mixture of low-cost, every-day objects and materials, such as corrugated tin and chicken wire.