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the wing of a chicken

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Thankfully in honor of the day, several restaurants are offering deals and freebies for Chicken Wing Enthusiasts who want to take advantage.
On top of its variety of chicken wing flavours, Wingstop's menu is well-priced making it an affordable, family-friendly fast food outlet.
Competitors are lining up for a huge chicken wing eating contest - the winner will be the first to chomp through 20 of the hot and spicy 'Buffalo' wings
While some Chicken Wing Chain Restaurants have become household names, a majority of Chicken Wing restaurants in the United States are considered "Independent Operators.
Table Group, a privately held group led by businessmen Menardo Jimenez and Vic Del Rosario, has invested P100 million initially for its American franchise "Wingstop," its first full-restaurant concept specializing in chicken wings in its 8th business portfolio.
The chicken wing can easily be compared to the arm on a model human skeleton.
As a composite, on Super Bowl Sunday this year, some 94 million Super Bowl fans consumed 465 million wings, which yielded 930 million Buffalo-style chicken wing sections, equal to 11 days of production.
Many people believe that chicken wings, flavorful and versatile, are the best part of the chicken.
Wingstop restaurants serve chicken wings, in flavors ranging from lemon pepper to atomic, along with side dishes such as fresh-cut fries and baked beans in an aviation-theme setting.
There is the original Wing Dings, the one that started it all, a meatier Jumbo size Wing Dings and the super meaty Monster Wings Wing Dings, the largest chicken wing on the market.
End of Q2 Marks 24 Quarters of Positive Comp Store Sales for National Chicken Wing Chain
On top of its variety of chicken wing flavours, Wingstop’s menu is well-priced making it an affordable, family-friendly fast food outlet.
National Chicken Wing Day is Friday and, as is often the case when these food-based holidays take place, deals on chicken wings will be aplenty.
Ingredients: 4 small fillets of cod, 12 chicken wings, 1 litre of chicken stock, 1 swede, 1tsp cumin seeds, a handful of thyme, salt and pepper Method: Joint each chicken wing into 3 pieces.
This was the first time Thomas, of Alexandria, Virginia, and Chestnut, of San Jose, California, faced off in a chicken wing eating contest.