chicken scratch

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cramped or illegible handwriting

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Besides keeping their flocks disease-free, people should keep hens in coops that protect them from cats and other urban predators, and give them specially formulated chicken feed from feed stores rather than chicken scratch or scraps.
4 -- color) Steve Hessong, also known as the Birdman of Balboa Park and the Goose Whisperer, has become a favorite of the animals with his deliveries of plastic trays full of chicken scratch and other edibles.
Our flock of six produces three dozen delicious eggs a week, for only the cost of chicken scratch .
They're chicken scratch in a lot of cases," says chief executive Jim Martin of written prescriptions.
Nearly 1,800 entries spanning over 100 years are organized into seven main genres: Arctic/Circumpolar, chicken scratch, contemporary, flute, peyote ritual music, powwow music, and traditional/archival.
It was chicken scratch, and teachers always made me fill page after page of binder paper repeating the same sentence.
On this occassion, Canadian Jerry Holland will present the Cape Breton fiddle, a style well rooted in Scottish music; Bayou Seco, a group from New Mexico will play Cajun, Old Time and Chicken Scratch music, while Mexico's award-winning Juan Reynoso will again present the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the Tierra Caliente.
Goats, cows and the occasional chicken scratch around, oblivious to the ruins of what was once a major Lycian, Greek and Roman port until the harbour silted up and the city was buried under tons of sand.
Among them were the fox trot, horse trot, crab step, kangaroo dip, camel walk, fish walk, chicken scratch, lame duck, snake, grizzly bear, turkey trot, and bunny hug.
PHOTO : Chicken Scratch Description: Raised or gouged area on surface Probable cause: Decreased amount of abrasive concentration on sander belt Troubleshooting: Replace sanding belts
Chicken Scratch (Heartbeat) focuses on Perry's own 1964-66 recordings as a singer, when he was backed by the Skatalites, Jamaica's top ska band.
Famous West Coast Brand Celebrates 400(th) Restaurant, Nationwide Expansion with Chicken Scratch Prize Giveaway
Tahoe Moon," an original of Remmel's he never recorded, was found on a rehearsal cassette tape, almost in entirety, so Brenda transcribed the tune with the help of a lead sheet, something Remmel referred to often as his chicken scratch, finished arranging and orchestrated it.