chicken scratch

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cramped or illegible handwriting

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This week the Examiner paparazzo has been to Chicken Scratch at Coffeevolution, the New Union and Flying Circus
I even grew some corn that I took out of the chicken scratch feedbag.
Famous West Coast Brand Celebrates 400(th) Restaurant, Nationwide Expansion with Chicken Scratch Prize Giveaway
Another advantage of having chickens is when weeds, and/or certain vegetable stems and leaves are pulled and picked, these items can be tossed into the pen for chicken scratch.
THIS week the Examiner paparazzo has been out and about at Chicken Scratch at Coffeevolution and around town
Linford and Karin handcrafted the collection, which Linford characterizes as "A birthday cake baked from fifteen years of musical chicken scratch.
The birdman smiles and grabs the 10-pound container of chicken scratch and other assorted delicacies he purchased at Red Barn and puts them into big plastic trays.
If Chicken Scratch and Chick with a Strap On question contemporary attitudes regarding identity, what then does the series of trophy heads, Eight Point Clucks, say about our values?
Nearly 1,800 entries spanning over 100 years are organized into seven main genres: Arctic/Circumpolar, chicken scratch, contemporary, flute, peyote ritual music, powwow music, and traditional/archival.
It was chicken scratch, and teachers always made me fill page after page of binder paper repeating the same sentence.