chicken coop

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a farm building for housing poultry

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It was while passing by the chicken coop that she noticed her aunt's body hanging from the roof.
Bast said that Down to Earth also features scented products to help keep rodents away from your backyard garden before they even get near the compost or chicken coop.
After college, she spent a year teaching visiting students before becoming a teacher at the Chicken Coop in 2014, where she teaches social studies, math, science, and the weekly essay.
Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google's help, and Google will work with My Chicken Coop and the customer to address the issue.
Chris Rollings in the chicken coop and, inset, two of the stolen chickens
Dinnall got a private loan to install solar panels on her four chicken coops.
King said customers have ordered houses for ducks and goats, in addition to the chicken coops.
The floor of the chicken coop and the chicken run are cleaned out in the fall once per year as most of the chicken waste is collected below the roost.
Externally are a drive with gravel parking area, mature landscaped gardens with chicken coop, vegetable plot, pond and well with safety cover.
More and more, people are looking out their windows and seeing something besides the usual backyard paraphernalia: a chicken coop.
After being introduced to the nurses, the 64-year-old Duke of Cornwall enquired whether they had to deal with a lot of smokers and admitted that he used to smoke behind a chicken coop when he was a boy, the Daily Express reported.
We were so thrilled to share our chicken coop and chickens with your magazine.
The project has already uncovered artifacts from the late 18th century, including a coin from 1794, toys and even part of a chicken coop.
The thugs climbed over a metal barrier and then a ten-foot gate covered in anti-climb paint, before using the prongs of a rake to twist open the lock of the chicken coop door.
The owner of a chicken coop in Paphos killed a dog and seriously injured another after they attacked and killed eight of his birds, it emerged on Friday.