chicken casserole

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chicken cooked and served in a casserole

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Chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables is a particularly nutritious main meal, with the study showing it could safely make 80 official health claims.
The chefs pureed black beans with hot pepper sauce and garlic before frying to create Akkra fritters and then made Yassa which is a chicken casserole.
Moroccan chicken casserole (serves 2-3) INGREDIENTS: For spice paste: 2-3 large garlic cloves, peeled, roughly chopped; pinch sea salt flakes; 2-3 pinches smoked paprika; 2-3 good pinches ground turmeric; 1tsp cumin seeds; glug olive oil.
This Chicken Casserole is very easy to make, but pretty impressive
Joining the line-up are Chicken Casserole, Braised Lamb and Red Thai Chicken (rsp: from [pounds sterling]6.
It's fun, it's rewarding - and come November, as you chuck chives in your chunky chicken casserole, you'll know you're saving a small fortune.
The menu was chicken casserole, jacket potatoes and cabbage, apple crumble, treacle sponge, raspberry pavlova, strawberry or blackcurrant flan, tea or coffee.
Diners will also delight in the woks of Asia corner and steaming dishes like lamb stew with okra, chicken casserole and vermicelli rice.
Rice and Chicken Casserole, for example, is new under the Hannaford brand, while the Taste of Inspirations brand--which was pioneered by Hannaford for shelf-stable premium foods but has also been revamped by Delhaize America--is being used for a growing variety of frozen items such as a Mini Cheesecake sampler, Buffalo Chicken Calzones, Bacon-wrapped Scallops; and pastry shells with various fillings, from blueberry-lemon creme to basil pesto.
Among the creations are Spanish Chicken Casserole With Green Lentils, Lamb With Apricots and Almonds and Tomato Salad With Beans and Basil.
Apple Crumb Muffins, Country Cole Slaw, Southwestern Chicken Casserole and more provide a range of dishes and influences for brunch, providing dishes for all seasons and from a range of traditions.
Now, working in association with nutritionists from Lancashire County Council, the long-established company has extended this service to the education sector, with such children-friendly recipes as Chicken Casserole, Cheese & Potato Bake, Pasta Bolognese, Lamb Tikka and Vegetable Curry, all of which are FSA approved.
Some of the most popular dishes include chicken and dumplings and a Mexican chicken casserole.
For the main course, try an old-fashioned chicken casserole or a piece of piping-hot chicken pot pie.