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pounded chicken cutlets rolled around butter (that has been seasoned with herbs) and then covered with crumbs and fried

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A classic chicken Kiev is a chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter - that oozes out when cut into - and covered in breadcrumbs, crispy on the outside.
uk The Secret Diner is charmed by a wonderful meal of classics at the Crathorne Arms near Middlesbrough, including homemade Chicken Kiev
NO HEADLESS CHICKEN KIEV The government in Kiev wants European Union countries, including the UK, to send troops to eastern Ukraine to subdue areas held by Russian-speaking rebels.
Chicken Kiev, sticky toffee pud and NEW the recipes here are about as far away from quinoa with goji berries as Jamie can get.
Riverside also offer a premium quality whole muscle chicken kiev which has had a successful year with the resurge in the trend for retro food but of good quality
Over years, each country has mastered and evolved its own version where the British after mastering fish and chips have contributed the most creating dishes like chicken Kiev or the ever popular chicken Tikka Masala.
He goes inside Britain's biggest supermarket in a bid to find ideas that will help produce equally cheap, but higher-welfare, alternatives to the likes of chicken kiev and meatballs.
The menu took me back as well, with comfort food I grew up with, such as chicken Kiev, surf and turf and chicken pie on offer.
It wasn't the Russian Tea Room's famed Chicken Kiev, but some of New York's underprivileged got to dine on Chicken Stew prepared by the Russian Tea Room's renowned Chef Mark Taxiera using canned vegetables donated by Wakefern Food Corp.
Since the advent of the first chilled ready meal - the M&S Chicken Kiev circa 1983 - shoppers have been slowly brainwashed into believing "fresh" or chilled is best.
NuTEC's completely hydraulic 725 C-Framc System fits into existing production lines to deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, calzones, sandwich wraps, empanadas, cordon bleu, burritos, egg rolls, meat pies, chicken kiev, and stuffed seafood shells.
But the River Caf has recipes you can easily try in your own kitchen, such as chicken breast stuffed with mascarpone and wrapped in Parma ham, an Italian take on chicken Kiev.
The glamour girl, who parted ways with former husband Peter Andre earlier this year, made the confession while cooking her favourite meal of chicken kiev and mash with TV chef Gordon Ramsay on his F-Word show.
Chef Mani explained that most of Maggie's diners are big fans of barbecue dishes as well as chicken Kiev, Mexican chicken enchiladas and chicken stroganoff.